Amazing Kindness from a Stranger

Last week Len stayed with me during chemo for the first time….not because he isn’t willing but because he gets so totally fweaked out and nervous and weird and by my insisitance he and Susan go to all Oncology appointments and Susan is the ‘goat in my stall’ during chemo so I don’t get fweaked out. It makes me very happy and calm and Len is always, always willing to do go with me buuuuuuuut….he get’s nervous, and then I get reeeeeeeeallllly nervous. Ok, enough over-explaining what I already understand. So we are doing the chemo and he starts pacing…so I send him to the post office to mail Mom a package. He comes back with this story: When he went to mail the package the woman at the PO asked why he was mailing it from Temple when he was from Salado…just friendly small talk. He told her I was getting chemo at Scott & White. She told him she was a two time cancer survivor and asked if it would be ok to send me a card. So while he is telling me this I am getting the mighty chemo and therefore not really getting it.

Fast forward about 4 days. Len and I are at the Salado Post Office and while Len is getting our mail, I am visiting with John, our postmaster. Len comes around the corner with the usual 22 pounds of catalogs, 16 offers for credit cards, and a package in a padded envelope. He hands it to me and I see it is from Anita N. I said, “Who is Anita N?” John, the postmaster, answered, “She works at the Temple Post Office!” Voila, Len and I look at each other and Len says, “I bet she’s the lady I told you about.” I open the package and there is a bright pink fleece throw with crocheted edging and a pretty lengthy note and also a cancer slogan ball point pen. OF COURSE, I am instantly flooded with an emotional surge and begin to weep right there in front of all. I blubbered almost incoherently that this was the kindest most loving act of empathy, etc. etc. John and Len were both a little red eyed too. I am going to transcribe the note Anita wrote me on a piece of notebook paper because I want to remember this for a long, long time.

Dear Mrs. Susan Krals,   

Please accept our gifts of love to you, so they can strengthen your resolve to remain positive during your chemo treatments.

Pardon me for intruding into your life this way, but I couldn’t help but do this.

My name is Anita N. I am a two time breast cancer survivor. My friend, Mary R. is my ‘survivor supporter.’

‘Mary has made this throw for you to keep you warm and know that you are not alone in your fight. You will survive, because ‘tough times do not last, tough people do.’

I thanked your husband for coming to the Temple Post Office whre I work, and it was then that he told me, that you had come to Temple, Scott and White for chemotherapy. He showed a lot of emotion and showed he loved you deeply.

Again, Mary and I are here for you, as are all the breast cancer survivors. Mary made the throw and I enclosed the bright ‘chic’ pen to ‘click’ you into remaining positive. I shed tears of joy that I am able to be here for my grandsons, husband, son, and daughter-and all my family.


Please do not be offended at us,

Sincerely with Christian love, Anita N

Mary R is one of my postal customers and lives at….

Their gifts and Anita N’s empathy humble me. I took this photo to send her.


4 Responses to “Amazing Kindness from a Stranger”

  1. nancy baumann thurmond Says:

    Oh my, what an amazing story. You are so blessed! O X

  2. Lou Ann Weaks Says:

    Well, you know, of course, that you have just reduced me to tears and ruined my eye makeup \!!!!!!! What a lovely, lovely story!
    Lou Ann

    • Janie Hall Says:

      Wow…There are truly beautiful people in this world and you just heard two of them!! Amazing love!!! Think of you often! God Bless!!Janie

  3. WOW! People are amazing; I love random acts of kindness! Now I have to go put new mascara on. Love you, Babs

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