Prayers, Meditations, and Focus and Sixth Treatment

Here is what I want is going through my mind.

Jackie and I had a great breakfast at Megg’s in Temple this morning then off to chemo at noon. Thank heavens we didn’t have to wait but 30 minutes. The plan was for me to zone out and for her to work on some projects but we were having so much fun catching up that there was no zoning out! When it was time to leave the nurses were not sure if they could dismiss me my blood pressure was so high…after taking it a few times they conceded with the recommendation that I check in with Shane…I will do that tomorrow. I have stopped taking the daily 81 mg of aspirin and maybe I should start back up.

Prayers, Meditations, and Focus: I. Please let me not be oppositional defiant; 2. Please let me not think, act, or be a know-it-all; 3. Please let me start parking within the lines; 4. Please let me focus on anything other than me; 5. Please help me to express my gratitudes as deeply as I feel them, and 6. Please help me not to always wanting more.



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