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New Years Eve Attitude, Breast Cancer, and Mardi Gras Beads!

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I love this comic and link Click the image above to see the full comic.

I don’t have to be wearing red Mardi Gras beads to be spunky and shimmy, although I won’t rule that out either. I feel like the box I have been in has a looser lid and that I am no longer in a nuclear submarine at the bottom of the deep, dark sea. I am on the mend, back in the saddle, finding’ my groove, and ready to roll–it is New Years Eve. I am once again thinking of redecorating, wearing more exotic clothes, baking four cheese farro and Hoppin’ John, passing along Home Ec tips to strangers, measuring the length of my new fuzzy hairs, arranging flowers for Pam’s grave, gaining weight, drinking prosecco, planning outings, and making lists. Hello, this is good. This will be a mighty happy new year.

Christmas Holiday 2011 Week

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One week and one day since last chemo treatment and I have been in high gear, if not physically, definitely emotionally. I expect that the chemo part of this journey to be behind me. So, like every other week, the day after chemo I felt pretty darned good until about DSC_1937.JPG 8:00 pm then I crashed for the next 32 hours. Out like a light. We had planned to go to Mom’s for Christmas Eve day but I called the one hour I was awake and begged off till Christmas Day. We had a lovely time with Mom, Billy, Mary, and David—we got there about 10:00 am and left around 3:00 pm for home so it was a really short day trip. I think Mom really was fine with it…she say that I was still healthy enough and it good to have her family all together.

Barbara and I went to Waco Wednesday so I could have lunch at Amelia’s Cafe at Sironia…we got there and they entire place was closed until the 4th of January! Grrrrrr. BUT Barbara pointed out this shop just down the street that she had heard about….Honey’s. Oh my, oh my. I believe we were in there two hours and it took two tours for us to feel like we had at least an idea of what all was in there. I walked in thinking I never wanted to spend another time on any more ‘objects de art’ then once In the door, I was already planning how to redecorate my den! They just had too many things. Like Mom used to say, “I just have to stay out of the shops!” After buying another angel–a very, very big angel–we had lunch at a recommended little cafe…very good but I have already forgotten the name of the place. I do know it is a half block east on 5th from Austin Ave. After lunch we went to Spice for more shopping stimulation. Happily I didn’t buy a thing! The best part of the day were the belly laughs and fine conversation!

Yesterday I had a facial and ran errands until about 6:00 when Belinda got here–Len graciously treated us to dinner but didn’t join us—sports on TV, I think. When we got back we enjoyed more conversation, lots of prosecco, and Len’s Baylor-Washington updates. I 201112302112.jpgwill never understand football but I loved the updates and commentaries Len provided about the very nice, very bright player and Heisman trophy winner, Griffin. Mainly because he is the son of a retired military couple, I guess. At 1:00 am we turned in! Belinda and I were out the door at 9:00 am to go to Ft. Worth to see the Caravaggio exhibit at the Kindall. Absolutely, a great day. When we got back about 5:30, Len met us outside and said something like, “What could you all have possibly found to talk about since you talked so much last night?” Funny boy.

I have just been listening to Sarah Brighton and Jose Carreras sing Amigos Para Sempre…and now I am thinking about Andrew Lloyd Webber–I didn’t know he was married to Sara Brighton. Curious.

I am whipped—my Mac coach is coming over bright and early tomorrow morning and I have a huge list of things I need help with….goodnight me.

As A Rule I Almost Hate Forwarded Emails

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I especially hate the ones that have threats attached like you won’t have good luck unless you send on to 47 other people who will hate YOU and the email. But I did receive this little essay that really hit home with me. I can’t even remember if it asked you to send it on. I really like the concept of Season, Reason, or a Lifetime. Very big to me. Here it is–I want to remember this from a blog site called Life Lessons.

Are you a Reason, a Season, or a Lifetime?

I just got back from attending a farewell party for a good friend of mine who will be working in Africa for at least one year. We met at work over fifteen years ago and have been friends ever since. We’ve been there for eachother through good times, and not so good times — divorce, marriage, raising kids, moves, illness, and job changes. Even though she will be living far away, I know we will keep in contact. I consider her a lifetime friend. Thinking of her leaving reminded me of all the moving around I did as a military brat. I was always leaving friends or getting left because they moved. It was never easy, and it didn’t get easier as time went by. There were always tears, followed by sadness, and sometimes just a deep feeling of lonliness. You keep in contact for awhile and then one day one of you just stops writing. There was no fight, no reason, you both just stopped. I learned that friends come and go, and your life goes on. I have made new friends since that time — some have come and gone, and some have remained. Anyone else out there experience the same thing? Ever wonder why? Perhaps this poem will shed some light on things for you:

Reason, Season, or Lifetime

People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime.
When you figure out which one it is,
you will know what to do for each person.

When someone is in your life for a REASON,
it is usually to meet a need you have expressed.
They have come to assist you through a difficulty;
to provide you with guidance and support;
to aid you physically, emotionally or spiritually.
They may seem like a godsend, and they are.
They are there for the reason you need them to be.

Then, without any wrongdoing on your part or at an inconvenient time,
this person will say or do something to bring the relationship to an end.
Sometimes they die. Sometimes they walk away.
Sometimes they act up and force you to take a stand.
What we must realize is that our need has been met, our desire fulfilled; their work is done.
The prayer you sent up has been answered and now it is time to move on.

Some people come into your life for a SEASON,
because your turn has come to share, grow or learn.
They bring you an experience of peace or make you laugh.
They may teach you something you have never done.
They usually give you an unbelievable amount of joy.
Believe it. It is real. But only for a season.

LIFETIME relationships teach you lifetime lessons;
things you must build upon in order to have a solid emotional foundation.
Your job is to accept the lesson, love the person,
and put what you have learned to use in all other relationships and areas of your life.
It is said that love is blind but friendship is clairvoyant.

— Unknown

Ta Da…Chemo Done and I Was Ringin’ That Bell!!!

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So much to report for my memory book…I don’t want to forget any of this…Since I was just recently plugged in for chemo my hands are shaken’ something’ fierce.

Today, I had my last chemo treatment….Last, I hope. Susan met Len and me at the Vanicek Treatment Center as she had appointments at S&W too. She tried to reschedule but they were yearly appointments so it didn’t look good at first, but she was there for all the big stuff. Amazingly and for the only time ever, the treatment appointment was not only on time but early! I left Susan and Len in the treatment center lobby and went to give my navigator Christmas presents to pass out for me. I could remember most of my nurses first names but I knew I was missing some so I just passed it all to her and she did exactly what I needed…but as I was in her office Len texted me that I was up to bat! I zipped down the hall and met him…he said something like “This is good–you have Veronica.” It was indeed good..she evokes total confidence. She got me in that chair, plunged in the saline and drew the blood in one quick movement. We were in! No delays at all. The rest is sort of a blur…thanks to drugging. Once Len and Susan saw that I was good to go, Len went for our lattes then after delivery of lattes, he read in the outer lobby. You aren’t supposed to have more than one person at a time in the treatment pod. He came back to relieve Susan who went for her appointment…then while I was napping I heard a voice…I woke to find Susan S., my friend, book club cohort, and cancer coach. It was such a surprise…we were having a good visit and in pops Becky! Another wonderful surprise. It all went so fast..then next thing I knew I was being unplugged…we walked out to THE BELL and there is Susan L. just in time!!!! Len took great photos. The gang of my nurses were all there to cheer me on. I mean I RANG that bell. It was so wonderful to hear all the other patients clapping for me and really for themselves too. It means there is an end, there is hope, and it can be done. So of course, I had to weep. My former students Jocelyn, Dr. R’s assistant, even came in for the event! I LOVED this. I loved the buddies being there. I love that it is over.

Len took Susan and Becky and me to lunch then we headed home…by way of the post office and Brookshire Bros. I slept in the car. Once home, a nice two hour nap–then to celebrate I ironed a pile of clothes…this I did pretty well even with the shakes. While I was ironing I heard a knock at the door. This is rare…especially at night. It was Susan L with a great balloon bouquet from Peggie and Clifford. Peggie is one of the Mah Jongg group…and breast cancer survivor…she is in Minnesota now for Christmas. It was a wonderful surprise.

I think I will reflect more on this but I am just shaken’ too much. This was big…real, real big.




DSC_1909.JPG DSC_1914.JPG

Once Upon a Time I Lived in a Dorm Called Brogdon Hall….

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Brogdon Hall was the first dormitory I ever lived in … the year 1964. As I think back, it is almost like I am recalling the Middle Ages. The common collegiate practices would violate civili liberties now. Things like, you more or less ‘had’ to wear a beanie in your freshman year. Yes, beanie as in little billed cap! I must try to find a photo….if not, they were like the little caps that the Little Rascal, Spanky, and Gober Pyle wore. On occasion, you could find beanies with propellers coming out of the center. Our freshmen beanies were maroon and gold to add insult to injury. I don’t know why or anything else….sort of hazing but not. Ok, back to the story. Southwest-Texas-State-University-Pr.jpg

Brodgon Hall had a dorm mother, of course. And as far as I knew for at least an entire year, she could and would send you packing’ in no short order. In fact she had the rightful responsibility of maintaining the ledger of demerits for the things you were CAUGHT doing. After just a few demerits you were campused. A term for incarcerated for a specified period of time in your dorm room over the weekend. Maybe this is when I turned oppositional defiant. I don’t know. What I do know is that my friend, Cee, from Kaiserslautern American High School and I were roommates first semester. Somehow or another we had a bit of an attitude, or at least sometimes. Cee was always smarter about things and I doubt she ever for a minute wore a beanie. Anyway, part of dorm life in 1964 was nearl compulsory attendance to an after hour event called Vespers. I am sure it was totally non-denominational in spite of the name. But it was seeeeeerious business and they checked your room to see where you were at the designated time. In my mind’s eye then and now, most all the girls were really cute and full of themselves. Many were going through Rush. Another story for another time. Somehow or another I maybe we, liked the idea of NOT being one of the girls. We took some great pleasure in acting out so to speak. The best of all times was at the beginning, when we actually attended Vespers. Like all the rest of the girls, we wore pale pink or blue nighties with scooped necks and puffy short sleeves. The exception: Cee and I hoarded hair from my hair brush and right before the designated start of Vespers we would prance in just seconds late just in time to have the prissy girls see we had tons of hair coming out of our scooped neck nighties and underarms. Oh it was grand. They were just prissy enough to be totally grossed out. I wish I could do it again.

Hmmm, another something I remember is Modern Dance. It was the only class Cee and I had together. We were really impressed that there was nothing really to make you go to class, or so we thought. Modern Dance was at 8:00 in the morning taught by a young, serious minded dancer with looooooong hair. So, sure Cee and I went a few times. We became serious minded about the final and made up a very smart, modern dance to the tune of Hit the Road Jack. I can remember practicing in the basement laundry room for at least a couple of hours. We went to the final, preformed for our instructor and fellow students, pleased with our clever interpretations. Later in the week, we marched down to the studio to check our posted grades. This is also illegal now. We studied the list for our initials and what was this? Only two F’s in the class. They were our Fs. We took the time to find our instructor to sort out this error. Not. She very sweetly said that because we had missed all but maybe 5 days of class we received Fs. She had something called a syllabus to back her up, like we had ever read that! Now here is the irony. Twenty six years later after receiving my doctorate from TAMU, I started teaching at none other but my alma mater, SWTSU. AND, who should I meet at new faculty orientation but the Chair of the Dance Dept. It was her! Same woman! Well, now that I was one of the Academy I was pretty sure if I told her my recollections she would be just tickled pink. So I retold the tale. She listened with absolutely a flat affect. She never blinked, never smiled. At the conclusion, when I once again was stinking of fear, she said something like, “Not all students are really mature as freshmen.” And walked away! Damn, and I just figured we would become buddies and have lunches together. Not. I avoided her for the next 4 years.

I can’t find a single photo of Brogdon Hall from the 1960s but this is the Administration Building fondly called, Old Main!

Poinsettias and Foy; Book Club, Chemo and Flocked Velvet Britches–What Does it Mean?

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I do love diversity and I have had a lot of it this past week. Most of it pretty darned good.

Len took me to Austin shopping and for lunch at the Roaring Fork my most favorite place to eat red meat. Love to follow doctor’s orders about eating protein. Also I am at this minute drinking some of Belinda’s hand squeezed Satsuma orange juice….delicious. She brought it by on her way to Oklahoma to see her folks. We are still considering the possibility of getting to San Miguel for their International Writing Conference. Problem is the uncertainty of the conclusion date of my radiology and my possible compromised immunity. Damn, I want to go. Well, I WILL go sometime, but I just want to get out of Dodge, fast. And, I gather you really feel that way after 6 weeks of daily radiation. I am dreading it but I am ohhhhhhh so excited that I only have ONE MORE CHEMO TREATMENT, the 22nd. I will be ringing that bell right off the wall.

I did miss the only two Christmas social events of the season. And I missed them both because of the two days following last and most every week of chemo I am a zombie. I didn’t get to wear any glitter or rhinestones. No bling at all. But I made up for it by ‘Dressing for Success or was it for Attention” at the treatment center!

Tuesday Becky and Suz and I had breakfast at one of our new Salado Mexican restaurants at 7:00 AM. Good conversation and so-so food. When I got home at 9:30, I took a two hour nap!

Then the greatly anticipated Christmas Book Club Party. I loooooove that group. In December we decide what we will read for the coming year which involves eating, drinking, friendly haggling, and teasing. This year we made plans how to honor our good friend, Marilyn, one of the original book club members, who died this past week. We decided to do donations to the library for landscaping around the new Library signage. Marilyn would like that a lot. She was dear to all of us.

I think I want to list our books for this year….always variety. The Art of Racing in the Rain, The Keeper’s Son, Moonwalking with Einstein, The Stone Angel, Interred with their Bones, The Secret Daughter, State of Wonder, The Time it Never Rained, fathermothergod: My Journey out of Christian Science, Maine, Winter Solstice. Other books recommended but not chosen are Doc, The Children of God, Clara and Mr. Tiffany, The Paris Wife, Their Eyes Watching God, The Boy in the Suitcase, Mozart’s Last Aria, Cutting for Stone, The Patron Saint of Liars, and In the Land of Invisible Women. I think I should have used semicolons. Oh well. I did drink champagne–very tasty. So much so that I had more when I came home. Outcome: Drinking exacerbates chemo fogginess.


I had a great time yesterday…I had my lab date and then focused on how to remember my three health care workers’ names starting with V. Veronica from Archie comic book, Victoria from British Columbia, and Virginia from Newport News. I just have to have links to remember things now. Then I took my land rocket up to Eddy, TX to pick up Foy. He had cataract surgery last week and he can’t drive until today….anyway, he is having his Christmas Open House this Sunday and he needed to run errands and I am the girl for errands. I am just happy doing them. We went to a nursery waaaaaay out in the boonies past Lake Waco to a small nursery that had gorgeous poinsettias…exactly the kind he wanted–4″ pots of pink poinsettias and one Christmas Cactus. Then to the grocery stores, then to lunch at Sironia. We just really enjoyed our selves–we have decided it is necessary for us to make a list of our topics because we start the conversation, get side tracked, and forget the conclusions! Foy presented a lovely prayer shawl that St. Paul’s Anglican Church in San Miguel made me. It is a beautiful blue color. I love that sweet group of people. After I dropped Foy off, I spent the rest of the day scurrying around doing more of my errands.


Hmmm, what else? Well, we had a quiet ride to the Vaniscik Treatment Center…..Len had presented an extemporaneous cat box lecture from his established household lecture series just before our departure. It always makes him nuts when I get tickled at the lectures. So we get there and the waiting room was just packed with the NICEST people ever. I had a real audience. First, at the audience’s request, I did scarf training. Then I learned about hair growing back from a woman who is going into her second round of chemo…then as I prissed around the waiting area in my black velvet flocked, leopard print, denim pants and Über Red Riding Hood Cashmere Cape, I drummed up some questions about how I do my eyebrows! Here is another of my commentaries. When people make comments you should always ask yourself, What does this mean? One can get a comment and THINK it is a compliment, but dig deeper. It can mean something all together different. So when people had been saying I had such good color, I basked in that compliment….then one day I looked at myself in the car mirror and yikes…I sure DID have good color! I looked like something out of Cirque du Soliel! Stephanie has a point when she says to me, “Susan, blend, blend, blend.”


Now more commentary: I DO KNOW that flocked velvet wall paper is out…but are my three pair of flocked jeans out too? My closet therapist did not make me throw them out and yes I know they are somewhat dramatic. But look, I didn’t generate questions about my pants but my eyebrows. When I mentioned these pants to Jackie, she said something like, “Oh yes, the ones that look like lounging pajamas.” Now what does THAT mean? Back to the eyebrows. I did a nice, keep it short and simple lesson to a first timer at chemo. It is not about my story and I am really trying. If you get a specific question you give a specific answer. So what if it involves prepackaged accouterments ready for display and demonstration. Len just sat there looking me with a crooked smile on his face. Was it adoration or was it, “She is whacko.”? Back to –what did that look mean?

The chemo experience was another drama…same clogged port business. I sent the following text to my posse: Pray for blood. Port clogged again. Final text to them: Blood at last. After one hour, of prayer, pumping, heparin, port aerobics, coughing with feet up, coughing with feet down, stretched out flat, a cathflow, Heather’s magic fingers, self-hypnosis, Len beady eyed and pacing, and me listening to Hildegard von Bingen chants—blood at last! Thanks posse! I just had to include photo of downy soft, white hair and Disney mask.

DSC07364.jpgDSC07371.jpgAfter a quick Crows Burger fix, home for a 3 hour nap. Now I am bright eyed and bushy tailed at 11:15 pm. I have to remember to write about Vespers at Brodgon Hall in 1964. Cee and I were very funny albeit somewhat oppositional girls. I will write about that tomorrow.

Doin’ the Boogie on a Median. The Job I Might Like to Have

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A recent phenomenon to my way of observation, is the hiring of boogie woogie dancers to advertise. These individuals often have to boogie and hold a huge sign that might say eat at Five Guys or Sell Your Gold at HEB. The pivotal point is that they get these great or not so great dancers to boogie, rock, hip hop or Flamenco for hours. How much money do these folks make? There is one guy who is always on the same median in San Antonio by the Quarry. This guy can dance and he does it, I bet, all day. I wonder if he gets bored and then not so enthused ever or if he gets irritable with drivers who gawk at him or even ignore him. I mean it, what could you think about all day dancing on a street corner promoting burgers. Here is my confession. I really want to dance with that guy. In my prime, I was considered a pretty good dancer. Of course the era for my prime was just past the Minuette. Someday I may pull into the closest parking lot and just run over to that median and let her rip.Untitled.jpg

Who Knows What This Will Be About

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I have maaaajor tremors in my hands so I hit all kinds of keys and have to have do-overs a lot. I have a nice fire in the fire place (the best of all locations) and a glass of prosecco. I haven’t had leisure alcohol in months. I mean months… so I may fall off the sofa after one. I don’t think I will use paragraphs tonight….maybe one or two.


It has been a couple of weeks since I made an entry…missing one chemo altogether…Thank goodness it was one that had no drama….nothing clogged, no dramatic pumping, nothing spooky at all. Nice n’ easy. So easy we forgot to take any commemorative photos so I am going to use one from last week after the port drama. The happy face was just for show.

I had my consultation with my new radiologist…on the 20th they will outfit me with my mold for the treatments—full boob for 5 days x 5 weeks. Then one week of focused area where they removed the tumor. He expects to start the treatment on January 3rd! This could be good news that will allow me to go to San Miguel in February for the San Miguel Writers’ Conference.

Here is a precious photo of Nina having a tower of onion rings….she hardly ate them all — I was there and put a healthy dent in the stack.IMG_1875.jpg I am all about calories these days and still lost about 6 pounds. Not my recommended way to lose weight.

Today I had two total strangers come up to me and talk about my treatments. It is so amazing how comforting it is to me. I think it might be intrusive to some folks with cancer but because I guess, I am so needy, I like it. They aren’t sharing their personal stories but just want to talk about mine.

Tonight I am going to read the most recent edition of The Caretaker Gazette. This may be the only thing I read word for word besides fiction. I think I mentioned recently that I actually read an entire non fiction book, The Empire of the Summer Moon, about the Comanches and particular, Quannah Parker. It was a good book. So back to the Gazette. It is loaded with classified ads from people all over the world who need caretakers or house sitters. I mean they are fascinating. I fit the profile requested by some in that I am a mature, decent, God fearing woman. Sometimes they want you to be gay. Sometimes they want you to be able to lift 40 pounds. Sometimes you need to know how to ride Friesian horses. I just get the call of the wild when I read these ads. I wish I had taken welding or some other vocational training. I figure all I am really suited for he running errands and answering the phone. This is one of my favorite classifieds from Oregon: OREGON

CARETAKER NEEDED on the North Oregon Coast (this is a great job opportunity for a retired old coot). We are an RV park/marina/cabin-renting facility that is looking for a responsible, mentally aware (read: you need to be a light sleeper and keep an eye on things when the owner is off property) fairly ambulatory, flexible, intelligent, unencumbered (with either drama issues or scads of animals) person to help with the caretaking of our property. Our last “old coot” was with us for 26 years and only left because he died. We don’t care about your age, and you can be a coot of either gender. You must be able to live onsite for this job – which is located on the Oregon Coast. The hours you will be needed will vary – hence the requirement that you be flexible. Most of our needs are for somebody who can keep an eye on the property and make sure people are not wholesale stealing equipment or other items of value. On occasion you will be asked to stand behind a cash register if I or my clerks have other emergency issues to take care of – these interludes don’t usually last more than an hour or so. At other times you may be asked to pick up items in town if you are in town, or use one of our company vehicles if we need somebody to run an errand. You may be asked to get seafood out of a live-tank for a customer. You may be asked to answer questions about rates/policies/or whether they’re “catching anything” right now. At times you will need to deal with the general public and have a high tolerance for stupid (and repetitive) questions and behavior. We’re not interested in your political/moral/religious affiliation, but excessive drinking/drugging/domestic drama will probably not be conducive to adequately performing of the job. If you enjoy the great outdoors and don’t mind the rainy weather of the Oregon Coast this could be a good fit for you. If you have your own RV that would factor into my offer. If you don’t have your own RV we do have accommodations onsite. Either way, lodging/accommodation would be a large part of the pay package. All prospective hires would need to visit the location and much conversation and communication would ensue before any hiring would occur. If you can type you can send me an email telling me a bit about yourself to ——– If you can’t type, like me, you can just call Shirley at xxxxxxxxxxx and we can talk a bit about the job and your unique qualifications.

This is a very cute photo of Jackie with a horse that she is fundamentally not crazy about. I think that horses are really very smart and certainly know when someone isn’t just nuts about them. I have had personal experiences with horses who drug me over hill and dale…not behind the horse but hanging on by stirrup alone. So I admire Jackie’s brave horse handling.


I Can’t Even Remember What Pajamas I Wore Last Night!

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Chemo Brain is a fact. Every day is a big surprise for me and that is kinda nice. But trying to recall a week of my current life means I rely totally on my calendar. The best thing that happened this week was I went with Jackie to Austin for her hair appt with Edward. It was fun to see the Mint Gang. They really bring me up making a nice fuss over me. While Jackie was getting her hairs fixed I went over to Central Market and did some grocery wilding. The travel time gave Jackie and me great talk time. She steps up to the plate like no one on earth. I can’t remember anything else about this week except it rained 2.5 inches yesterday. AND, I never put on any make up and I never got out of my PJs…nothing grim or depressing it was wonderful to be a slug for a full day…I enjoyed the soft rain and cold gray day. I do this about every two years.

Chemo was yucky this week. We got in there straight away and I think Len and I both thought, hot damn, we are going to get out of here fast today. No. There is such a thing as the port having problems with a fibrin sheath or fibrin tail. It boils down to this, when they first start, they flush the line with something that creates a funny metal taste. Then they draw some blood out to make sure they are in the right place. If they can’t get any blood out they have to ‘fix’ it before they can give the chemo. It involved doing ‘port aerobics’, a heparin flush, and after none of this worked something the nurses called roto rooter! It took 1.5 hours to get it working then 2.5 hours of chemo. I was pretty wired until they started the chemo then I slept…I used my newly learned self-hypnosis and the relief of getting all the medical activity over helped me sleep. I didn’t want to be awake. I am going to ask for laughing gas before next session!

This morning I saw hypnotherapist, walked, had lunch with Marsha,then this afternoon had a wonderful massage. massage.jpg  Now going to bed. Zzzzzzzzzzz.

The Scary Story of Getting Kicked Out of the Movie Theater at Age Six

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The title and it says it all.

I remembered this event when I was at a movie a few months back with some friends. After the movie, we went into the restroom and B did a quick peak under a stall door to check availability. Without a moment’s consideration, I grabbed her shoulder to pull her back….I was flooded with the following childhood memory:

During every one of my parent’s marital and/or military geographic separations, Mom and I would move, in toto, cat and bird too, to Shawnee, OK, to live with or near my Aunt Marie and Uncle Forrest and their five daughters. At the time of this occasion, Jody, the oldest was probably 15 or 16, Shirley- 14, Marty-12, Linda-10, and Janie- 8. I was treated just like I was one of the girls–bringing up the rear. Cousins.jpg During any of these moves, (sometimes lasting a year–sometimes less), Linda, Janie, and I were inseparable. I adored my cousins….still do. Anyway, back to the tale. We did a lot of kid things but one of our favorite pass times was the Saturday matinee and I think it was at the Ritz or maybe the Bison Theater. Janie will have to confirm the location. We loved the Buster Crabb serials…the cliff hangers. Cartoons were always big and I remember, maybe out of sequence, Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis movies. Well, one time we went to the restroom—always together—and when I went in I stooped and looked under the stall door. Almost instantaneously, the door swung open and this frightening, wild-haired, stooped woman came out swinging. I mean swinging at me. In my mind’s eye, she was clobbering me. Now what I love to remember is that it was always, ‘One for all, and all for one!’ Linda, the older of the cousins present, jumped into the fray to defend me. Then the old woman’s teenaged daughter appeared and was swingin’ too. Janie joined the fight and someone ran for the theater manager and the fight was broken up. I think Uncle Forrest was called to come down and remove us from the premises! Maybe we weren’t suspended but I am almost sure he took us home or back to his drug store. I might add that we had many fine times ‘working’ behind the soda fountain.   

Back to the movie fight–probably the woman was mentally unbalanced….the incident sure made a believer out of me….do not peak under restroom stall doors. Better to knock. And if you do peak, take a pack of supporters who are willing to fist fight in your behalf.