I Can’t Even Remember What Pajamas I Wore Last Night!

Chemo Brain is a fact. Every day is a big surprise for me and that is kinda nice. But trying to recall a week of my current life means I rely totally on my calendar. The best thing that happened this week was I went with Jackie to Austin for her hair appt with Edward. It was fun to see the Mint Gang. They really bring me up making a nice fuss over me. While Jackie was getting her hairs fixed I went over to Central Market and did some grocery wilding. The travel time gave Jackie and me great talk time. She steps up to the plate like no one on earth. I can’t remember anything else about this week except it rained 2.5 inches yesterday. AND, I never put on any make up and I never got out of my PJs…nothing grim or depressing it was wonderful to be a slug for a full day…I enjoyed the soft rain and cold gray day. I do this about every two years.

Chemo was yucky this week. We got in there straight away and I think Len and I both thought, hot damn, we are going to get out of here fast today. No. There is such a thing as the port having problems with a fibrin sheath or fibrin tail. It boils down to this, when they first start, they flush the line with something that creates a funny metal taste. Then they draw some blood out to make sure they are in the right place. If they can’t get any blood out they have to ‘fix’ it before they can give the chemo. It involved doing ‘port aerobics’, a heparin flush, and after none of this worked something the nurses called roto rooter! It took 1.5 hours to get it working then 2.5 hours of chemo. I was pretty wired until they started the chemo then I slept…I used my newly learned self-hypnosis and the relief of getting all the medical activity over helped me sleep. I didn’t want to be awake. I am going to ask for laughing gas before next session!

This morning I saw hypnotherapist, walked, had lunch with Marsha,then this afternoon had a wonderful massage. massage.jpg  Now going to bed. Zzzzzzzzzzz.

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