The Scary Story of Getting Kicked Out of the Movie Theater at Age Six

The title and it says it all.

I remembered this event when I was at a movie a few months back with some friends. After the movie, we went into the restroom and B did a quick peak under a stall door to check availability. Without a moment’s consideration, I grabbed her shoulder to pull her back….I was flooded with the following childhood memory:

During every one of my parent’s marital and/or military geographic separations, Mom and I would move, in toto, cat and bird too, to Shawnee, OK, to live with or near my Aunt Marie and Uncle Forrest and their five daughters. At the time of this occasion, Jody, the oldest was probably 15 or 16, Shirley- 14, Marty-12, Linda-10, and Janie- 8. I was treated just like I was one of the girls–bringing up the rear. Cousins.jpg During any of these moves, (sometimes lasting a year–sometimes less), Linda, Janie, and I were inseparable. I adored my cousins….still do. Anyway, back to the tale. We did a lot of kid things but one of our favorite pass times was the Saturday matinee and I think it was at the Ritz or maybe the Bison Theater. Janie will have to confirm the location. We loved the Buster Crabb serials…the cliff hangers. Cartoons were always big and I remember, maybe out of sequence, Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis movies. Well, one time we went to the restroom—always together—and when I went in I stooped and looked under the stall door. Almost instantaneously, the door swung open and this frightening, wild-haired, stooped woman came out swinging. I mean swinging at me. In my mind’s eye, she was clobbering me. Now what I love to remember is that it was always, ‘One for all, and all for one!’ Linda, the older of the cousins present, jumped into the fray to defend me. Then the old woman’s teenaged daughter appeared and was swingin’ too. Janie joined the fight and someone ran for the theater manager and the fight was broken up. I think Uncle Forrest was called to come down and remove us from the premises! Maybe we weren’t suspended but I am almost sure he took us home or back to his drug store. I might add that we had many fine times ‘working’ behind the soda fountain.   

Back to the movie fight–probably the woman was mentally unbalanced….the incident sure made a believer out of me….do not peak under restroom stall doors. Better to knock. And if you do peak, take a pack of supporters who are willing to fist fight in your behalf.


One Response to “The Scary Story of Getting Kicked Out of the Movie Theater at Age Six”

  1. Lou Ann Weaks Says:

    Susan – You definitely provided my laugh for the day over this story. I love the story and the picture and you!!!! Lou Ann

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