Who Knows What This Will Be About

I have maaaajor tremors in my hands so I hit all kinds of keys and have to have do-overs a lot. I have a nice fire in the fire place (the best of all locations) and a glass of prosecco. I haven’t had leisure alcohol in months. I mean months… so I may fall off the sofa after one. I don’t think I will use paragraphs tonight….maybe one or two.


It has been a couple of weeks since I made an entry…missing one chemo altogether…Thank goodness it was one that had no drama….nothing clogged, no dramatic pumping, nothing spooky at all. Nice n’ easy. So easy we forgot to take any commemorative photos so I am going to use one from last week after the port drama. The happy face was just for show.

I had my consultation with my new radiologist…on the 20th they will outfit me with my mold for the treatments—full boob for 5 days x 5 weeks. Then one week of focused area where they removed the tumor. He expects to start the treatment on January 3rd! This could be good news that will allow me to go to San Miguel in February for the San Miguel Writers’ Conference.

Here is a precious photo of Nina having a tower of onion rings….she hardly ate them all — I was there and put a healthy dent in the stack.IMG_1875.jpg I am all about calories these days and still lost about 6 pounds. Not my recommended way to lose weight.

Today I had two total strangers come up to me and talk about my treatments. It is so amazing how comforting it is to me. I think it might be intrusive to some folks with cancer but because I guess, I am so needy, I like it. They aren’t sharing their personal stories but just want to talk about mine.

Tonight I am going to read the most recent edition of The Caretaker Gazette. This may be the only thing I read word for word besides fiction. I think I mentioned recently that I actually read an entire non fiction book, The Empire of the Summer Moon, about the Comanches and particular, Quannah Parker. It was a good book. So back to the Gazette. It is loaded with classified ads from people all over the world who need caretakers or house sitters. I mean they are fascinating. I fit the profile requested by some in that I am a mature, decent, God fearing woman. Sometimes they want you to be gay. Sometimes they want you to be able to lift 40 pounds. Sometimes you need to know how to ride Friesian horses. I just get the call of the wild when I read these ads. I wish I had taken welding or some other vocational training. I figure all I am really suited for he running errands and answering the phone. This is one of my favorite classifieds from Oregon: OREGON

CARETAKER NEEDED on the North Oregon Coast (this is a great job opportunity for a retired old coot). We are an RV park/marina/cabin-renting facility that is looking for a responsible, mentally aware (read: you need to be a light sleeper and keep an eye on things when the owner is off property) fairly ambulatory, flexible, intelligent, unencumbered (with either drama issues or scads of animals) person to help with the caretaking of our property. Our last “old coot” was with us for 26 years and only left because he died. We don’t care about your age, and you can be a coot of either gender. You must be able to live onsite for this job – which is located on the Oregon Coast. The hours you will be needed will vary – hence the requirement that you be flexible. Most of our needs are for somebody who can keep an eye on the property and make sure people are not wholesale stealing equipment or other items of value. On occasion you will be asked to stand behind a cash register if I or my clerks have other emergency issues to take care of – these interludes don’t usually last more than an hour or so. At other times you may be asked to pick up items in town if you are in town, or use one of our company vehicles if we need somebody to run an errand. You may be asked to get seafood out of a live-tank for a customer. You may be asked to answer questions about rates/policies/or whether they’re “catching anything” right now. At times you will need to deal with the general public and have a high tolerance for stupid (and repetitive) questions and behavior. We’re not interested in your political/moral/religious affiliation, but excessive drinking/drugging/domestic drama will probably not be conducive to adequately performing of the job. If you enjoy the great outdoors and don’t mind the rainy weather of the Oregon Coast this could be a good fit for you. If you have your own RV that would factor into my offer. If you don’t have your own RV we do have accommodations onsite. Either way, lodging/accommodation would be a large part of the pay package. All prospective hires would need to visit the location and much conversation and communication would ensue before any hiring would occur. If you can type you can send me an email telling me a bit about yourself to ——– If you can’t type, like me, you can just call Shirley at xxxxxxxxxxx and we can talk a bit about the job and your unique qualifications.

This is a very cute photo of Jackie with a horse that she is fundamentally not crazy about. I think that horses are really very smart and certainly know when someone isn’t just nuts about them. I have had personal experiences with horses who drug me over hill and dale…not behind the horse but hanging on by stirrup alone. So I admire Jackie’s brave horse handling.



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