Doin’ the Boogie on a Median. The Job I Might Like to Have

A recent phenomenon to my way of observation, is the hiring of boogie woogie dancers to advertise. These individuals often have to boogie and hold a huge sign that might say eat at Five Guys or Sell Your Gold at HEB. The pivotal point is that they get these great or not so great dancers to boogie, rock, hip hop or Flamenco for hours. How much money do these folks make? There is one guy who is always on the same median in San Antonio by the Quarry. This guy can dance and he does it, I bet, all day. I wonder if he gets bored and then not so enthused ever or if he gets irritable with drivers who gawk at him or even ignore him. I mean it, what could you think about all day dancing on a street corner promoting burgers. Here is my confession. I really want to dance with that guy. In my prime, I was considered a pretty good dancer. Of course the era for my prime was just past the Minuette. Someday I may pull into the closest parking lot and just run over to that median and let her rip.Untitled.jpg


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