Poinsettias and Foy; Book Club, Chemo and Flocked Velvet Britches–What Does it Mean?

I do love diversity and I have had a lot of it this past week. Most of it pretty darned good.

Len took me to Austin shopping and for lunch at the Roaring Fork my most favorite place to eat red meat. Love to follow doctor’s orders about eating protein. Also I am at this minute drinking some of Belinda’s hand squeezed Satsuma orange juice….delicious. She brought it by on her way to Oklahoma to see her folks. We are still considering the possibility of getting to San Miguel for their International Writing Conference. Problem is the uncertainty of the conclusion date of my radiology and my possible compromised immunity. Damn, I want to go. Well, I WILL go sometime, but I just want to get out of Dodge, fast. And, I gather you really feel that way after 6 weeks of daily radiation. I am dreading it but I am ohhhhhhh so excited that I only have ONE MORE CHEMO TREATMENT, the 22nd. I will be ringing that bell right off the wall.

I did miss the only two Christmas social events of the season. And I missed them both because of the two days following last and most every week of chemo I am a zombie. I didn’t get to wear any glitter or rhinestones. No bling at all. But I made up for it by ‘Dressing for Success or was it for Attention” at the treatment center!

Tuesday Becky and Suz and I had breakfast at one of our new Salado Mexican restaurants at 7:00 AM. Good conversation and so-so food. When I got home at 9:30, I took a two hour nap!

Then the greatly anticipated Christmas Book Club Party. I loooooove that group. In December we decide what we will read for the coming year which involves eating, drinking, friendly haggling, and teasing. This year we made plans how to honor our good friend, Marilyn, one of the original book club members, who died this past week. We decided to do donations to the library for landscaping around the new Library signage. Marilyn would like that a lot. She was dear to all of us.

I think I want to list our books for this year….always variety. The Art of Racing in the Rain, The Keeper’s Son, Moonwalking with Einstein, The Stone Angel, Interred with their Bones, The Secret Daughter, State of Wonder, The Time it Never Rained, fathermothergod: My Journey out of Christian Science, Maine, Winter Solstice. Other books recommended but not chosen are Doc, The Children of God, Clara and Mr. Tiffany, The Paris Wife, Their Eyes Watching God, The Boy in the Suitcase, Mozart’s Last Aria, Cutting for Stone, The Patron Saint of Liars, and In the Land of Invisible Women. I think I should have used semicolons. Oh well. I did drink champagne–very tasty. So much so that I had more when I came home. Outcome: Drinking exacerbates chemo fogginess.


I had a great time yesterday…I had my lab date and then focused on how to remember my three health care workers’ names starting with V. Veronica from Archie comic book, Victoria from British Columbia, and Virginia from Newport News. I just have to have links to remember things now. Then I took my land rocket up to Eddy, TX to pick up Foy. He had cataract surgery last week and he can’t drive until today….anyway, he is having his Christmas Open House this Sunday and he needed to run errands and I am the girl for errands. I am just happy doing them. We went to a nursery waaaaaay out in the boonies past Lake Waco to a small nursery that had gorgeous poinsettias…exactly the kind he wanted–4″ pots of pink poinsettias and one Christmas Cactus. Then to the grocery stores, then to lunch at Sironia. We just really enjoyed our selves–we have decided it is necessary for us to make a list of our topics because we start the conversation, get side tracked, and forget the conclusions! Foy presented a lovely prayer shawl that St. Paul’s Anglican Church in San Miguel made me. It is a beautiful blue color. I love that sweet group of people. After I dropped Foy off, I spent the rest of the day scurrying around doing more of my errands.


Hmmm, what else? Well, we had a quiet ride to the Vaniscik Treatment Center…..Len had presented an extemporaneous cat box lecture from his established household lecture series just before our departure. It always makes him nuts when I get tickled at the lectures. So we get there and the waiting room was just packed with the NICEST people ever. I had a real audience. First, at the audience’s request, I did scarf training. Then I learned about hair growing back from a woman who is going into her second round of chemo…then as I prissed around the waiting area in my black velvet flocked, leopard print, denim pants and Über Red Riding Hood Cashmere Cape, I drummed up some questions about how I do my eyebrows! Here is another of my commentaries. When people make comments you should always ask yourself, What does this mean? One can get a comment and THINK it is a compliment, but dig deeper. It can mean something all together different. So when people had been saying I had such good color, I basked in that compliment….then one day I looked at myself in the car mirror and yikes…I sure DID have good color! I looked like something out of Cirque du Soliel! Stephanie has a point when she says to me, “Susan, blend, blend, blend.”


Now more commentary: I DO KNOW that flocked velvet wall paper is out…but are my three pair of flocked jeans out too? My closet therapist did not make me throw them out and yes I know they are somewhat dramatic. But look, I didn’t generate questions about my pants but my eyebrows. When I mentioned these pants to Jackie, she said something like, “Oh yes, the ones that look like lounging pajamas.” Now what does THAT mean? Back to the eyebrows. I did a nice, keep it short and simple lesson to a first timer at chemo. It is not about my story and I am really trying. If you get a specific question you give a specific answer. So what if it involves prepackaged accouterments ready for display and demonstration. Len just sat there looking me with a crooked smile on his face. Was it adoration or was it, “She is whacko.”? Back to –what did that look mean?

The chemo experience was another drama…same clogged port business. I sent the following text to my posse: Pray for blood. Port clogged again. Final text to them: Blood at last. After one hour, of prayer, pumping, heparin, port aerobics, coughing with feet up, coughing with feet down, stretched out flat, a cathflow, Heather’s magic fingers, self-hypnosis, Len beady eyed and pacing, and me listening to Hildegard von Bingen chants—blood at last! Thanks posse! I just had to include photo of downy soft, white hair and Disney mask.

DSC07364.jpgDSC07371.jpgAfter a quick Crows Burger fix, home for a 3 hour nap. Now I am bright eyed and bushy tailed at 11:15 pm. I have to remember to write about Vespers at Brodgon Hall in 1964. Cee and I were very funny albeit somewhat oppositional girls. I will write about that tomorrow.


One Response to “Poinsettias and Foy; Book Club, Chemo and Flocked Velvet Britches–What Does it Mean?”

  1. I don’t know where to even begin with this one…I loved every word, from rhinestones [really you didn’t wear any to the book club Christmas party?] to the book list to Len’s lecture series to flocked velvet jeans [who needs rhinestones?] to self hypnosis to chants. Wonderment just flows through your veins…maybe that’s whats slowing your blood! And my wonderment increases by reading yours…it’s the best!

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