Ta Da…Chemo Done and I Was Ringin’ That Bell!!!


So much to report for my memory book…I don’t want to forget any of this…Since I was just recently plugged in for chemo my hands are shaken’ something’ fierce.

Today, I had my last chemo treatment….Last, I hope. Susan met Len and me at the Vanicek Treatment Center as she had appointments at S&W too. She tried to reschedule but they were yearly appointments so it didn’t look good at first, but she was there for all the big stuff. Amazingly and for the only time ever, the treatment appointment was not only on time but early! I left Susan and Len in the treatment center lobby and went to give my navigator Christmas presents to pass out for me. I could remember most of my nurses first names but I knew I was missing some so I just passed it all to her and she did exactly what I needed…but as I was in her office Len texted me that I was up to bat! I zipped down the hall and met him…he said something like “This is good–you have Veronica.” It was indeed good..she evokes total confidence. She got me in that chair, plunged in the saline and drew the blood in one quick movement. We were in! No delays at all. The rest is sort of a blur…thanks to drugging. Once Len and Susan saw that I was good to go, Len went for our lattes then after delivery of lattes, he read in the outer lobby. You aren’t supposed to have more than one person at a time in the treatment pod. He came back to relieve Susan who went for her appointment…then while I was napping I heard a voice…I woke to find Susan S., my friend, book club cohort, and cancer coach. It was such a surprise…we were having a good visit and in pops Becky! Another wonderful surprise. It all went so fast..then next thing I knew I was being unplugged…we walked out to THE BELL and there is Susan L. just in time!!!! Len took great photos. The gang of my nurses were all there to cheer me on. I mean I RANG that bell. It was so wonderful to hear all the other patients clapping for me and really for themselves too. It means there is an end, there is hope, and it can be done. So of course, I had to weep. My former students Jocelyn, Dr. R’s assistant, even came in for the event! I LOVED this. I loved the buddies being there. I love that it is over.

Len took Susan and Becky and me to lunch then we headed home…by way of the post office and Brookshire Bros. I slept in the car. Once home, a nice two hour nap–then to celebrate I ironed a pile of clothes…this I did pretty well even with the shakes. While I was ironing I heard a knock at the door. This is rare…especially at night. It was Susan L with a great balloon bouquet from Peggie and Clifford. Peggie is one of the Mah Jongg group…and breast cancer survivor…she is in Minnesota now for Christmas. It was a wonderful surprise.

I think I will reflect more on this but I am just shaken’ too much. This was big…real, real big.




DSC_1909.JPG DSC_1914.JPG


4 Responses to “Ta Da…Chemo Done and I Was Ringin’ That Bell!!!”

  1. Lou Ann Weaks Says:

    WOW! To get to ring that bell before Christmas really makes for a Merry Christmas for you and Len. So delighted for you – makes me feel better too (and I didn’t even feel bad!!!!).

  2. nancy baumann thurmond Says:

    Fabulous, just fabulous! Merry Christmas!

  3. nancy baumann thurmond Says:

    Your new hair is a beautiful color!

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