Christmas Holiday 2011 Week

One week and one day since last chemo treatment and I have been in high gear, if not physically, definitely emotionally. I expect that the chemo part of this journey to be behind me. So, like every other week, the day after chemo I felt pretty darned good until about DSC_1937.JPG 8:00 pm then I crashed for the next 32 hours. Out like a light. We had planned to go to Mom’s for Christmas Eve day but I called the one hour I was awake and begged off till Christmas Day. We had a lovely time with Mom, Billy, Mary, and David—we got there about 10:00 am and left around 3:00 pm for home so it was a really short day trip. I think Mom really was fine with it…she say that I was still healthy enough and it good to have her family all together.

Barbara and I went to Waco Wednesday so I could have lunch at Amelia’s Cafe at Sironia…we got there and they entire place was closed until the 4th of January! Grrrrrr. BUT Barbara pointed out this shop just down the street that she had heard about….Honey’s. Oh my, oh my. I believe we were in there two hours and it took two tours for us to feel like we had at least an idea of what all was in there. I walked in thinking I never wanted to spend another time on any more ‘objects de art’ then once In the door, I was already planning how to redecorate my den! They just had too many things. Like Mom used to say, “I just have to stay out of the shops!” After buying another angel–a very, very big angel–we had lunch at a recommended little cafe…very good but I have already forgotten the name of the place. I do know it is a half block east on 5th from Austin Ave. After lunch we went to Spice for more shopping stimulation. Happily I didn’t buy a thing! The best part of the day were the belly laughs and fine conversation!

Yesterday I had a facial and ran errands until about 6:00 when Belinda got here–Len graciously treated us to dinner but didn’t join us—sports on TV, I think. When we got back we enjoyed more conversation, lots of prosecco, and Len’s Baylor-Washington updates. I 201112302112.jpgwill never understand football but I loved the updates and commentaries Len provided about the very nice, very bright player and Heisman trophy winner, Griffin. Mainly because he is the son of a retired military couple, I guess. At 1:00 am we turned in! Belinda and I were out the door at 9:00 am to go to Ft. Worth to see the Caravaggio exhibit at the Kindall. Absolutely, a great day. When we got back about 5:30, Len met us outside and said something like, “What could you all have possibly found to talk about since you talked so much last night?” Funny boy.

I have just been listening to Sarah Brighton and Jose Carreras sing Amigos Para Sempre…and now I am thinking about Andrew Lloyd Webber–I didn’t know he was married to Sara Brighton. Curious.

I am whipped—my Mac coach is coming over bright and early tomorrow morning and I have a huge list of things I need help with….goodnight me.


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