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The Expression “You Are Toast.” I Hope Not!

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This radiation thing is just a little bit creepy to me. I liked it when I used to be healthy. So here is the scoop after 4 days of radiation. It is kinda creepy. I get on this very narrow table that has a mold of my upper body. When I get there they tell me to get like dead weight and then they scoot me around to where I am just so…this is important because you have to stay in this position for about 10 minutes without moving or they will blast the wrong part of my body. I like the tips they give me…the first time I went my left arm kind of dangled off the table but up against the hard edge which did not feel at all good. So one of the nice techs told me to put my left hand in my jean’s pocket. OMG, it was wonderfully comfortable. So now I have to wear jeans every day. I have been instructed to put one of 4 different products all over the radiated area 3 times a day. This meant I needed to buy all 4 products in different sizes and quantities. I do not want to be toast or look like cabrito displayed in the windows of border restaurants. Yuck, yuck, yuck.

I have 6 freckle tattoos now. They are used to guide the techs so they can zoom in on the right part of my bosoooom. They (tattoos) really are tiny. Hmmm, what else. It takes about 10 minutes and I have hit the jackpot for appointment times–8:10. I can even get there early and they will take me as long as there is a doctor in the house. This is very good as it can almost give me a 3-day weekend and definitely provides time for day trips, lunch with the buddies, Mah Jongg, and possibly time to work as a volunteer! That’s what I am really hoping can happen. I have an appointment Tuesday with the S&W Director for Volunteers….I want to work in the chemo treatment center and be a Blanket and Juice Girl. I could do it several times a week–I THINK this is what I want and who knows what they will want so I will just wait and hope it works out for all.

I looked for a photo related to radiation on the internet. Yikes, they were not what I needed to see. Perhaps I can get a happy snap of the equipment this week. Oh, I see a radiologist every Thursday. They check to see if there is any scorching (my term), etc. My real radiologist is in the G&R and will be serving (I like this.) in Guam for the next three weeks. So this past week I met with one of his associates, a very nice Indian doctor who really took her time talking to me about skin care, 100% cotton sports bras, products, bathing, and diet. I have only 26 more treatments. This too shall pass. Time for bed. 484873437_31e308348e.jpg

Ok, this sign has nothing to do with anything except it is so funny and so British. I took this photo in Oxford, UK. It makes me grin just thinking about it and is lots better than photos of radiation victims!