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Busssssssy. Sausage Making 1310!

Posted in Uncategorized on January 8, 2012 by drycreekherbs

IMG_1992.JPGKatie texted me Friday night that the family sausage making event would occur Saturday morning. I have been begging for an invitation for a long, long time. Happily, I didn’t have anything really planned but a movie so I wrapped up and headed to Temple. It was fabulous. Mike, Katie, Collins, Erik, Bill, Patsy, Melissa, Gail’s family, and Susan’s family, and Pam’s father. I didn’t do as much as I intend to do in the future. I was Erik’s sausage patty assistant and did get to guide some of the sausage as it came out of the grinder. The ‘kids’ bought this new, snazzy grinder for Bill Christmas. I especially like the photo of Bill adding the spices using not so scientific measuring…East Bell county method…use the same empty containers every year to measure spices. One hundred fifty two pounds of pork for three varieties of sausage–spicy, jalapeño, and jalapeño with cheese. It was good (We had several taste tests.) and I think I have wormed my way into the annual event. I didn’t get a photo of the smoke house because my phone went dead. t think the scarf makes me look like a “…gypsy with a gold capped tooth” from the song Love Potion Number Nine. I could give Johnny Depp scarf tips should he make another pirate movie.





IMG_2025.JPGAfter the sausage making I went to see Marilyn in Georgetown. It was ok, I guess. I can’t decide who the star of the movie was…the Marilyn or the young man. Now I that I have seen the coming attractions, I have a few more movies to add to my list.

Babs and I went to Rogers, Texas, one day this week to a verrrry cool home accents shop. Who would figure in Rogers of all places. Tomorrow after the blast, Len and I will trap Mickey so he can take her to get her vaccinations. I will meet Babs in Cedar Park for a few more new shops to visit. No buying, I have promised myself.