On the Move–Feelin’ Feisty!

Grrrrr, this is the third time I have typed this entry…I don’t know why when I create something in Word, copy it, paste it into Ecto, the font goes nuts. It makes the print enormous. Soooo, I am trying again….

Well, this has been a great week for bein’ on the move. I am back to cramming lots of activities into a day. So far the radiation treatment has been, oh so, much easier than the chemo. I get there about 7:50 and I am almost always out of there by 8:10 am.

I have had lunch with Killeen chums, attended a Friends of the Library meeting, as well s a noon book review, played Ma Jongg, oh, and happily won twice, worked on my ‘Attitude’ self-portrait photo, had my hearing tested, went to Karin’s for book club, ran amok with Babs in Waco, and had an uncommon dental experience. Some of these activities demand elaboration. It will be fun to read this in a couple of years or even longer to see hoew things are the same or different. That’s a great test question….’compare and contrast.’

Ok, first the dental appointment. My dentist is bout the cutest thing ever, and his wife, Netsy, is my former hair stylist. Dacien is highly motivated and has always dentalspa.jpg had a spiffy office. Hiss most recent office remodeling has easily tripled the patient treatment stations, and the lobby is conncreek.jpeg sooo snazzy, complete with cherry woodwork, granite canteen area, and a rest room out of Traditional Home. Hmmmm, I think I have written this before. Anyway, I had my crown regaled…I told Dacien I did not want to be bald and toothless. During the procedure, Dr. D told me about his most recent trip to Napa and subsequent wine purchases. At the conclusion of my procedure, he asked me if I wanted a glass of wine. Well, it was the end of their day, 4:00 pm, and I thought, why not. So, he and Netsy took me into the lounge…behind closed doors, this room is luxurious with this huge console with a built in wine chiller…and I might add, loaded with wine. I sat in a recliner, had a very entertaining conversation, and enjoyed a delicious glass of Conn Creek’s Cabernet Sauvignon. It was very, very tasty. As I was leaving, giving hugs to all, Dacien gave me a bottle to take home! Dang, I remember when dental appointments were hideous. Dacien’s vision is to create a dental spa. He wants to hire a masseuse for patients having long procedures. A chum told me this is common in big cities. I feel like such a country bumpkin. Who knew?

I went with Barbara to Waco on Wednesday so she could get her car serviced — and we had lunch, of course. Now Babs and I always find something to laugh about but on our ride back to Salado we started talking about shopping and collecting certain things. I mentioned that I am now in a purging state and that I am no longer a hoarder. At this point, she turned and looked at me askance. Cool word, I hope I am using it correctly. Anyway, we started naming things I collect/hoard. A partial list: crosses, kaleidoscopes, wood carved saints, holy cards, glassware, musical instruments, doll house accoutrements, hats, hat pins, shawls, scarves, vases, eye glasses, jewelry, etc. At this point we were really laughing. Barbara suggested we name the things I don’t collect. We noted that I don’t buy tires, sports equipment, swimsuits, stilettos, or tools. At this point we were hysterical. I looove belly laughs.  lens1566942_big_smile.jpg

And speaking of laughter, this is what I have just learned–laughter keeps you alert by triggering adrenalin and dopamine for pleasure, increases retention, stimulates creativity, and get this–Dr Fry, from Stanford proved that laughing 100 times is equivalent to 10 minutes on a rowing machine. Yeah, hello…what is the surprise there? I read all of this on line. I think this has implications for our trainers at MCEC. The trick is knowing what is appropriate humor and not over doing it. Too much of anything can become an emotional distraction.

What else big happened this past week? Yes, that would be a hearing test. Surprisingly, there are no significant changes since the last go around a couple of years ago. The audiologist did suggest I sit with my back to the crowd in restaurants…that is something Mother taught me. I am destined for deafness but it doesn’t seem that a hearing aide is something I need yet.

I have a hankerin’ for a cucumber sandwich then off to bed My bones are aching something fierce which is a side effect of the Taxol chemo. Also I need to apply lotion to radiated parts….more on that later.


One Response to “On the Move–Feelin’ Feisty!”

  1. Lou Ann Weaks Says:

    I want to trade my dentist for your dentist!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lou Ann

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