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Tomorrow Morning I am Florida Bound…

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Darned little news from this past week…the biggest news is that I actually had my eyebrows waxed and my face derma planed! In two weeks I lost my brows and lashes, then they grew back FAST. Brows were actually bushy…real bushy. It really is amazing that it all happened so quickly. I had hair all over my face…practically had a soul patch! Yuck! But I am not complaining too much. Lou, my skin care specialist, performed magic. I just wish I could get the hair on my head to grow as quickly.


I am leaving tomorrow morning for Florida–Cee’s for a couple of days and then on to Stephanie & Sarge’s. We don’t have any plans to do much more than catch up. I found an old ticket in a word search book tonight…it was from a year and a half ago. I guess it has been that long since I have been in Florida. This is my first outing since the diagnosis and you would think I have never been out of town. I am taking a steamer trunk loaded with all kinds of clothes, many scarves, and one of the wigs. I want the girls to see the wig.

This past week I volunteered at the chemo center three days. I continue to love it. I am buying scarves at Ross’s, Marshall’s, Target, the Dollar Store, etc. These stores have just the right kind of scarves for reasonable prices. I take these scarves up to the center and when ladies ask about my scarf I volunteer to show them how to tie them…I give a little demonstration and then give them a scarf. It is so incredibly gratifying. This Friday and the Friday before I went up to the center not to volunteer but to visit with a couple of women who are on their own during their treatments and have asked if I would come by. Friday was J’s birthday. Pretty crummy I know…I had chemo on my birthday tool Bummer.

I am whipped tonight. I am trying not to nap in the afternoons and increase my walking distance. And today packing, packing, packing. Len has reminded me twice that I have to get up at 5:00 tomorrow morning.

This is so Flattering!!!

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My friend Karen K in Fort Worth asked me not long ago if she could run the Susan G. Komen marathon in my honor! I am so flattered. I took a screen shot of Karen’s personal page so I won’t forget it Screen Shot 2012-02-19 at 10.31.15 PM.png

As of Today……

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I am still trying to learn how to be me again without my think bubble packed with cancer thoughts. I am getting my momentum back I think…it kind of reminds me of the period after a big boy friend break up…where you had to almost debrief yourself to get your emotional equilibrium back…suddenly you are back on your feet.

This week has been pretty slow or I am pretty slow—My brain is operating in slow motion! My time at Scott & White continues to be fulfilling. Out of respect for our patients I want to be clearly non-specific…an oxymoron…about their situations. I will just say they are fighters and they humble me totally. Today I went in to the center to work a couple of hours before it was my turn to get my port flushed for the first time. It was a lot quicker than I expected–maybe it took five minutes….saline and heparin…In four weeks I do it again and so on!

I have lots and lots of tiny eyelashes and brows. Today I just couldn’t stand it any longer….I put on mascara on the little tiny hairs. Then while I \was out running errands I bought some gold metallic hair spray…for absolutely no reason. Maybe I will spray my hair gold before we go to the church supper club this Saturday night.

It is time to get goin’ on the kitchen remodeling. I need to make decisions and get a time line started. The appliances must have been programmed for at 15 year operating life. One by one they are breaking or working less efficiently. I shudder to think about the construction and the mess.

Next week I will be getting my ducks in a row to go to Florida. Current conditions in Longboat Key are cooler than at the Villages…so I will be packing for two kinds of weather if this lasts.

Tonight we saw five bucks in the front yard which seems very odd to me. Three adults and two adolescents….the oldest had 8 points. I wouldn’t think bucks would like to hang out together–maybe mating season hasn’t started yet. Max had me get a gallon of deer repellant concentrate to keep them from eating up my veggies and fruits.

I just re-read this and it is dull, dull, dull. My only highlight for the week is winning at Mah Jongg one time then declaring two other wins but it ended up I had dead hands…..Oh that hurts. I am glad we are not playing for money. mahjongg.jpg

Yesterday Was a Real ‘Ta Da’ Day

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I told Susan L this morning….”Yesterday was a near perfect day.” Now, I am thinking it was perfect! First of all, I had my last radiation treatment yesterday. In 3 months I go back to see my radiologist and also my oncologist. In the mean time, I will only need a few lab dates and a bone density test. Other than those I am ….hmm, what do I call it? In remission? Done? Currently healthy? I don’t know. I am thinking, I am currently well. Yes, currently well. Certainly I am flying high…well there are a few minor issues…big toe nails look like they could come off but I flatly refuse to worry about it. I can wear closed toe shoes…and in fact, I did buy not one but two very spiffy pairs of Naots yesterday. Spiffy if you consider any comfort shoe spiffy. They are better looking than say, shoes bought at a podiatrist’s. Ok after 7 and a half months of cancer drama, it feels very different to not have something hanging over my head, called doom. I want this good feeling to last and I want to write and write and write tonight so I can capture this euphoria….

My immediate pleasures include: not keeping my cut-on bosom greased up three times a day; not wearing camisoles only or ‘wife beater’ undershirts; getting to wear deodorant; getting to use the shower again instead of a bath tub that is impossible to get out of; not having permanent marker lines on my bosom; and some other things I will remember in time. Oh, and maybe I won’t spend hours and hours looking in my 7X magnifying mirror for eyebrow, eyelash, and hair growth. I could miss the loooovely afternoon naps. Oh yes, I won’t miss my eye lid twitches (or at least I hope they go away soon), bloody noses, bone aches, and wobbliness. Maybe the chemobrain will go away pretty soon.

Let’s see….Oh, this is very big–Len and I went to the Salado Village Artists’ reception yesterday evening…it was for the artists who entered items in the juried art show. Hello and happy day. I won first and second prize in the photography division! Yahoo, I love affirmation. First for my self portrait that I took after Edward and Chuck made me up a few months ago. Second prize for the rocking chair shadow photo. It was a very fine feeling and I did get just a little weepy over it.

IMG_2052 - Version 2.jpgI wish I had kept writing instead of taking a break for dinner and shower…I think I have lost my momentum for writing or I have already forgotten all my news.

Tonight I went through all my get well cards I have received. So many nice cards! I say it IMG_2090.jpg all the time but I am indeed blessed. I have had so much encouragement and support. I have received prayers and even gifts from friends and strangers. Ok, this is another new beginning to enjoy–I am going to lose some weight by walking more and eating less. I have eaten anything and everything during this period–remembering Dr. R’s directive, “This is not a time to diet.” Subsequently, I have been a pig. McDonald’s carmel frappes are not good for you even if you do have cancer.

I have purchased 25 scarves and two wigs during this time…The scarves have been more comfortable and easy for me to wear. Len and I did some arithmetic yesterday. I have saved money having cancer in terms of grooming, i.e. hair cuts and beauty aides. But I sorely miss Edward. I think I have to wait 6 months before getting my hair colored and I think by then I may be very used to white hair. Who knows?


One More Week of Radiation then Five Years of Adjuvant Therapy

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This is a photo of the radiation treatment area where I have received radiation for the last 25 days….and two of the very nice technicians. I have five more treatments….whereas the last five weeks have been full blasts to the entire boob….this last week is considered a boost and will be directed to the tumor site only. One day of the five days, I will have two treatments, six to eight hours apart. I think that will happen on Thursday. Then I will begin what is called adjuvant therapy. That means treatment that is used to help the prevent cancer returning. I take pills called Anastrazole or Arimidex that are designed for post menopausal women for five years.

Hope According to Emily Dickinson

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Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul–and sings the tunes without the words – and never stops at all.

Beauty Aids

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IMG_2075.jpg I found this in the Ethnic Section of the PX. I hope it works.

I Thought I Had A Lot To Write About

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For the past week I kept having ideas of things I wanted to get into my journal so not to forget them…so I started just jotting down things to remind me. Well, as I look at the list, all I can think is–how dull. That was written last night. Today is a new day, the sun is out, I have 7 more blasts of radiation, I have the house to myself, and I have wee, little, furry eyelashes and brows–yes, life is good.

I guess we are finally settling into a retirement pattern–we do our ‘own thing’ most days. Len still golfing and riding his bike. We go to the movies about twice a month and have dinner in Austin monthly or more often….just depends on the need for red meet. We talk about buying a condo in Austin or San Antonio but I don’t know that we ever will. It sounds like fun but I am the one who has always said, “I never want the responsibility of a second home.” I have seen what Mother dealt with all these years…so we will see.


Ok, speaking of eyelashes. I don’t think I have written since they all just fell out. Actually, I have one remaining on my left eye…the brows are very, very scarce. Fortunately, there are sufficient on the left side that I can ‘do’ it with pencils and powder then do the other side. If I didn’t have the remaining left side hairs (all 12 of them) I wouldn’t be able to align the right side–ending up with one up and one down…I have purchased, naturally, about 4 different pair of false eyelashes and have semi mastered the application with the help of many ‘found’ accoutrements. My favorite is an ancient, faux ivory, cocktail fork that I found at Mom’s. It is the one implement that is less likely to put my eye out. I bought Revitalash to thicken lashes and brows but I am already seeing evidence of eye irritation so I will put that away. Another expensive venture gone awry.


It is such a gorgeous day and I am sitting on the porch listening to the fountains and wind chimes soothe me into a near stupor. I think a nap is in my near future. I am still sleeping a lot but feeling absolutely fabulous. Back to our early spring–I found this nest of abandoned blue bird eggs when I was cleaning the blue bird house. They are so sweet I am keeping them awhile. I hoped for a while they were new eggs but there has been no activity at the house…so they will be dear little treasures. The cedar wax wings and robins have been here and gone. I love spring like weather but I also know we are certain to have some really cold weather in February…or I hope so…I have more piñon wood for the fireplace that needs burning.


Today I am just loving everything. Topping my list: Water droplets that look like rhinestones on grass; water fountains, wind chimes, blowing leaves, cool breezes, shadows, and listening to rain. I love good laughs with Len; being with my buddies; the intensity and rush associated with a new project; on and on.  

Now about my volunteer time at the chemo treatment center–this I realllllllllllly love. I am pretty sure I won’t have the stamina to stick with this for a long time, but I do hope this isn’t one of my flash in the pan projects. I have learned so much about people, cancer, endurance, courage, frailty, professionalism, and team work. It is so easy for me to do this 3 days a week after my radiation….I am already there, I am valued, and the work revitalizes me. I love helping the patients more than anything else. I am planning to do it at least one day a week after the radiation treatment is over on Feb. 10. Mostly I do blanket and beverage deliveries and clean the chemo treatment chairs. My supervisor from the tumor board told me that what they really want me to do as a top priority is to visit with the patients for as long as they are wanting conversation. Imagine, that? I love the patients in all conditions and I think I really mean, I love them. This could make me cry. I had it so easy and others have such challenges. I better stop this line of thinking or I will float my false eyelashes off.