One More Week of Radiation then Five Years of Adjuvant Therapy


This is a photo of the radiation treatment area where I have received radiation for the last 25 days….and two of the very nice technicians. I have five more treatments….whereas the last five weeks have been full blasts to the entire boob….this last week is considered a boost and will be directed to the tumor site only. One day of the five days, I will have two treatments, six to eight hours apart. I think that will happen on Thursday. Then I will begin what is called adjuvant therapy. That means treatment that is used to help the prevent cancer returning. I take pills called Anastrazole or Arimidex that are designed for post menopausal women for five years.


2 Responses to “One More Week of Radiation then Five Years of Adjuvant Therapy”

  1. I have been beyond wonderment during your entire treatment “process” [which is much too mild a word]. I know you are conveying Emily Dickensonian hope to every woman you speak with and love in the oncology center, but simply cannot imagine how treatment could be any harder for them, at any stage of diagnosis, than it has been for you. I know you have not intended to be inspirational, but there it is…the unintended consequence of your own story. What is your celebration plan for February 11th?

  2. nancy baumann thurmond Says:

    Good luck, Susan. This has been such an ordeal and your willingness to share, grace filled. My love and continued prayers. I could use a prayer too. John is having surgery on his thoracic spine tomorrow. Terrible pain and his left arm/hand has been numb for 3 weeks. He’s having a discectomy which is much less invasive than his surgery last year. Nancy

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