Yesterday Was a Real ‘Ta Da’ Day


I told Susan L this morning….”Yesterday was a near perfect day.” Now, I am thinking it was perfect! First of all, I had my last radiation treatment yesterday. In 3 months I go back to see my radiologist and also my oncologist. In the mean time, I will only need a few lab dates and a bone density test. Other than those I am ….hmm, what do I call it? In remission? Done? Currently healthy? I don’t know. I am thinking, I am currently well. Yes, currently well. Certainly I am flying high…well there are a few minor issues…big toe nails look like they could come off but I flatly refuse to worry about it. I can wear closed toe shoes…and in fact, I did buy not one but two very spiffy pairs of Naots yesterday. Spiffy if you consider any comfort shoe spiffy. They are better looking than say, shoes bought at a podiatrist’s. Ok after 7 and a half months of cancer drama, it feels very different to not have something hanging over my head, called doom. I want this good feeling to last and I want to write and write and write tonight so I can capture this euphoria….

My immediate pleasures include: not keeping my cut-on bosom greased up three times a day; not wearing camisoles only or ‘wife beater’ undershirts; getting to wear deodorant; getting to use the shower again instead of a bath tub that is impossible to get out of; not having permanent marker lines on my bosom; and some other things I will remember in time. Oh, and maybe I won’t spend hours and hours looking in my 7X magnifying mirror for eyebrow, eyelash, and hair growth. I could miss the loooovely afternoon naps. Oh yes, I won’t miss my eye lid twitches (or at least I hope they go away soon), bloody noses, bone aches, and wobbliness. Maybe the chemobrain will go away pretty soon.

Let’s see….Oh, this is very big–Len and I went to the Salado Village Artists’ reception yesterday evening…it was for the artists who entered items in the juried art show. Hello and happy day. I won first and second prize in the photography division! Yahoo, I love affirmation. First for my self portrait that I took after Edward and Chuck made me up a few months ago. Second prize for the rocking chair shadow photo. It was a very fine feeling and I did get just a little weepy over it.

IMG_2052 - Version 2.jpgI wish I had kept writing instead of taking a break for dinner and shower…I think I have lost my momentum for writing or I have already forgotten all my news.

Tonight I went through all my get well cards I have received. So many nice cards! I say it IMG_2090.jpg all the time but I am indeed blessed. I have had so much encouragement and support. I have received prayers and even gifts from friends and strangers. Ok, this is another new beginning to enjoy–I am going to lose some weight by walking more and eating less. I have eaten anything and everything during this period–remembering Dr. R’s directive, “This is not a time to diet.” Subsequently, I have been a pig. McDonald’s carmel frappes are not good for you even if you do have cancer.

I have purchased 25 scarves and two wigs during this time…The scarves have been more comfortable and easy for me to wear. Len and I did some arithmetic yesterday. I have saved money having cancer in terms of grooming, i.e. hair cuts and beauty aides. But I sorely miss Edward. I think I have to wait 6 months before getting my hair colored and I think by then I may be very used to white hair. Who knows?



One Response to “Yesterday Was a Real ‘Ta Da’ Day”

  1. Lou Ann Weaks Says:

    Susan – I celebrated vicariously with you on Thursday as you were very much in my thoughts and I was so aware that was your last day of radiation. You really have come a long way, Baby!!! I am so proud of the way you have handled this major incident in your life, and I have no doubt in my mind that all of this is behind you. Congratulations on your winning photographs. I told you the rockingchair picture was awesome, and I see the judges agreed with me! Love to you – Lou Ann

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