As of Today……

I am still trying to learn how to be me again without my think bubble packed with cancer thoughts. I am getting my momentum back I think…it kind of reminds me of the period after a big boy friend break up…where you had to almost debrief yourself to get your emotional equilibrium back…suddenly you are back on your feet.

This week has been pretty slow or I am pretty slow—My brain is operating in slow motion! My time at Scott & White continues to be fulfilling. Out of respect for our patients I want to be clearly non-specific…an oxymoron…about their situations. I will just say they are fighters and they humble me totally. Today I went in to the center to work a couple of hours before it was my turn to get my port flushed for the first time. It was a lot quicker than I expected–maybe it took five minutes….saline and heparin…In four weeks I do it again and so on!

I have lots and lots of tiny eyelashes and brows. Today I just couldn’t stand it any longer….I put on mascara on the little tiny hairs. Then while I \was out running errands I bought some gold metallic hair spray…for absolutely no reason. Maybe I will spray my hair gold before we go to the church supper club this Saturday night.

It is time to get goin’ on the kitchen remodeling. I need to make decisions and get a time line started. The appliances must have been programmed for at 15 year operating life. One by one they are breaking or working less efficiently. I shudder to think about the construction and the mess.

Next week I will be getting my ducks in a row to go to Florida. Current conditions in Longboat Key are cooler than at the Villages…so I will be packing for two kinds of weather if this lasts.

Tonight we saw five bucks in the front yard which seems very odd to me. Three adults and two adolescents….the oldest had 8 points. I wouldn’t think bucks would like to hang out together–maybe mating season hasn’t started yet. Max had me get a gallon of deer repellant concentrate to keep them from eating up my veggies and fruits.

I just re-read this and it is dull, dull, dull. My only highlight for the week is winning at Mah Jongg one time then declaring two other wins but it ended up I had dead hands…..Oh that hurts. I am glad we are not playing for money. mahjongg.jpg


2 Responses to “As of Today……”

  1. Lou Ann Weaks Says:

    Susan – Why did I think they were going to remove your port????
    Have a great time in Florida – you certainly deserve it. And, my dear, you could never be called dull!!!! Love – Lou Ann

  2. nancy baumann thurmond Says:

    Maybe you said, but I don’t remember….why do you still have the port?

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