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Thick-framed ‘hipster’ eyewear new trend for defendants on trial

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wp_thatcher.grid-2x2.pngAccording to the Washington Post, if you want to look innocent wear thick glasses like these…I just bought another pair….I had red ones now I have blue ones….Hope I look sweet and innocent. Edward has a pair and he looks like he should be on the cover of GQ..Very sexy.

A New Friend. I Thought I Was Helping Her. She Was Helping Me.

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I have a new friend. Fiona left her card for me at the Infusion Center asking for me to call her. I called her and we arranged to have lunch today. Thank you Carol, S&W breast cancer navigator, for facilitating this meeting. Fiona had surgery recently and she had questions…we immediately connected. We have so many things in common, including cancer. Fiona told me I was helping her. Then I received a phone call from Dr. R’s nurse, Cassandra. That x-ray I had last week on my leg and hip has a ‘spot’ on it. Did I even write that about that x ray? Well, I had one and I almost immediately forgot it. So turns out there is a spot. Dr. R wants me to have a bone scan or a bone something ASAP. So here I have been sitting here with Fiona talking about ‘it’ in my history and suddenly the ‘it’ is back in my present. It was my turn for tears. Damn that cancer, just when you are feeling sorta normal, sorta–then it bushwhacks you. Thank you Fiona for changing places, thank you for the comfort. We are just in the vortex of the tornado. Neither of us knows how this turns out, we just do it.

Len is solid. He tries not to let it get in our way. But he cries too. Today he turned away when we were talking. Then he apologized to me for turning away. His integrity is like a lightening bolt some times. Then there is just plain me, How did I ever get here?

Ok, time to suck it up and think the positive. First, Cassandra did say that if this X-ray was of a non-breast cancer patient it might be considered ‘artifactual’ which I think means just a spot or dense place that has been there for ions. But since I have just recently had breast cancer, it needs to be checked out. By the way, me in 10 years, I am drinking prosecco. Every now and then I do a little weepy fit then I think, “I just did chemo. Chemo kills cancer. I am taking Tamoxifen which is supposed to keep cancer from spreading. I have a great white blood count. I haven’t lost any weight. Ok, I have had pain in my right hip and right leg since early December but I thought it was related to the chemo. I’m ok. I am just who I am and I always will be. Get over it. If I don’t have a mean, bad-assed cancer back, then something in time will get me. It will be ok.”

Pink Martini Concert

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The Pink Martini concert was great! Jackie, Babs and I had drinks at the W Hotel in Austin then walked upstairs to the Austin City Limits venue (?) in the Moody Theater….I don’t know how much of that naming is right. There was one surprise…the great grandchildren of Maria and Gaylord Von Trapp were special guests….it is amazing that these young adults are the grandchildren of Kurt the youngest of the Sound of Music family….they were awesome. They had just moved to Austin from Montana, I think…and it was their first public Von.jpg appearance in Austin. I was worried when they started performing that they were too conventional, too solid, too pre-WWII…singing a cappella. But they were received with great enthusiasm from the audience. I just loved it all. Well, I was disappointed that I did not get to participate in the Conga Line—China singing Brazil just makes folks want to dance. Very cool!

Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I Love You Tomorrow!

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I am back on my Merry-go-Round tomorrow, but right now I am login’ spring. The bluebonnets are out, the sun is shining, and the birds are singing sweetly. Life is good. As soon as I posted the DC recollections, my brain started kicking in what all I have for tomorrow. photo[1].JPG

Len is doing is first day as a volunteer in the chemo infusion center where I work on Tuesday and Thursday. Seemingly a woman whom I haven’t met left me her card at the desk and asked Len to have me call her. She is just recovering from surgery and is overwhelmed….and who wouldn’t be? I think my navigator told me that there was someone she wanted me to meet….so I called the number she left for me and I think maybe I can boost her confidence. We will meet for lunch and a good visit, I hope.

Now more about tomorrow….I also have an appointment with my dentist about an implant for a front tooth. I went to the oral surgeon the day before leaving for DC….this is verrrrry expensive for one tooth…the oral surgeon’s price is $2800. That is what Len paid for four implants. I wonder if it is a gold tooth with a diamond in it?

I must close this rambling prose (sounds like rambling rose) so I can get ready for the library board meeting and following that the Pink Martini Concert with Babs and Jackie. Rock on sisters!Pink-Martini-band-h02.jpg

DC Sightseeing by Night, Expensive Champagne, and a Spring Oyster Fest

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Grrrrrrrr, once again I wrote a very descriptive text about the DC outing and either WordPress or the computer ate it up never to be found again. I hate rejection.

So I am sitting outside with the fountains going; the trees are leafing out so that it is almost dark; I am drinking sparkling water and eating white chocolate ruffles. Once the chocolate is gone I will go inside and retrieve my creme brûlée iced coffee. The chocolate is already gone…i think I will go look for more to enjoy with the creme brûlée iced coffee. It is all about indulgence for me.

Let’s see if I can recapture the highlights of going to DC. First, I am not all together sure that I was actually invited but somehow or another I thought I was–So Mary said I could be the aide-de-camp for Patty, Joan, and for her….my perfect happy job even without aiguillettes. I went down to Austin the night before so I wouldn’t have to get up at the crack of dawn. I met up with IMG_2229.JPG Belinda at the gate with enough time to catch up. We arrived in DC with enough time to check in and then have ‘high tea.’ Very lovely and bin addition to the dainty finger sandwiches and pastries, and orchid oolong, we had champagne…heaven. This repast required naps before we could take on the sights. Once reenergized we did a walkabout…weather was nice. We didn’t see any cherry blossoms except from the plane. After the night sights we decided a nightcap was in order and why not more champagne? We each had two little

201203261307.jpgbottles of Monet champagne–then the bill–$110.00. We more or less hyperventilated by recovered nicely….you only live once and it is a great story.

Up bright and early to become acquainted with my duties–mainly taking care of sign in sheets and book sales. The convening was very interesting and facilitated by a dynamic set of young professionals from Deloitte. I loved watching those ‘kids’ in action…Belinda and I had dinner at Darlington House right off of Dupont Circle. This time we read the wine list for costs and decided on prosecco! It was a lovely meal–veal scaloppini.

Belinda was scheduled to fly out Saturday at 4ish…and I thought I was supposed to leave at 8:25 so I could get back in time to attend Tom’s now annual oyster fest. During the night I woke up to find Belinda working on her iPAD; she decided she would leave earlier than planned–7:20. So when I got up she was long gone. I met Mary and Michael in the lobby at about 5:45 to get to the airport…With Mary’s assistance I was trying to secure my upgrade with the agent when the agent noted that I wasn’t scheduled to leave until 10:50! Duh….I just imagined I was invited AND what time I was leaving. But the agent worked it out…I ended up on Belinda’s flight and upgraded all the way!IMG_2245.jpg

So safely back in weird and wonderful Austin, I headed straight to Sue Patrick’s to get a couple of no-iron Foxcroft blouses for summer. Home just in time to find beautiful lilies that Len likes to bring me and I love to get–I was overcome and another nap was required.

Fully revitalized, we were off for oysters. Tom grilled awesome oysters with Roquefort cheese and green onions. He also had raw oysters which I more or less ate…swallowing two. I don’t understand why you eat raw oysters when you don’t chew them so you really don’t taste them. Then the rapture: Fried Oysters a la Becky and sous chef Suz. Fantastic evening. I want to remember this: Joann and I drank a big bottle of champagne that she brought for my recover celebration about 2 months ago. What is it with me and champagne?


Centennial House Cleaning and Subsequent Epiphany

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Some people call it spring cleaning, we call it centennial cleaning! Our housekeeper has been out with family health problems for three weeks so Len and I had to break down and try to do it ourselves. We gave ourselves a week of pep talking so we would be enthusiastic.

Len and I have had a housekeeper for 36 out of 41 years of marriage! Our first was the hardest working woman I have ever seen…she was a local putzfrau in Hanau…Len and I can’t remember her name and that makes me nuts! Anyway, we have been cleaning and have come to some conclusions after it took both of us to figure out how to put a Swiffer dust mop together. First we have decided we have too much stuff aka as objects d’art! Waaaaaay too much.

I think I may be ready to down size. Really. I want to hire someone to have an estate sale or I think I prefer downsizing sale. Len agrees so much he has already found a little house right off Main Street here in Salado. He wants us to look at it. I think he is saying this because this will make me change my mind. I told him I don’t think I want to down size to downtown Salado–I prefer a condo in Austin or San Antonio.


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I am wired. So wired I had to make an old-fashioned list on paper. I am pretty much overwhelmed with minutia. SO I am trying to get a grip.

Last night was book club at Bev’s…she asked us to wear our western gear since our book selection was The Time It Never Rained by Elmer Keaton. Every month I have to say this, “I love my book club.” We are such a disparate group and committed to each other. IMG_2167.JPG IMG_2138.JPGI just noticed that I appear to be 6’4″ tall. This is because these gals are tiny women and I am not and I had on 2″ cowboy boots and a stetson hat.

On my way to the hospital today I was listening to the Sirius radio station…and I was struck by several things. First, I prefer instrumentals. i think I have written about this before….eek. So, I prefer instrumentals because I don’t have to remember words or substitute unknown lyrics with things like “Da, da, da, da.” Instrumentals are about whatever I want them to be about…strictly my call based on my mood. I also like Spanish songs for the same reason. Now more on music. I notice that a lot of the hot tunes from my teen years are now instrumentals. Another thing I think about regarding popular music: I can get all swoony just hearing certain music from my primal years (I don’t know what that means but I like the sound of it.). For example, I always get dewy eyed over I Want Some Red Roses for a Blue Lady. So, will today’s teens get swoony over Never Give a F— by Kid Ink when they are in their 60s? Will that tune become an instrumental over time? This is very deep as Lolly would say. Much to think about.

More on my morning musings. IF I COULD….was the theme. Sort of a game show for my head. Here’s how it works. You say to yourself, “If I could…. then I would….” It is sort of an individual value clarification. For example: If I could play the piano, I would play Clare de Lune and ragtime. Or, If I could play a string instrument, it would be a banjo. Or, If I could dance, it would be tap or tango or flamenco–hard to decide. Or, If I could play a team sport it would be softball. If I could play an individual sport it would be skeet shooting. On and on. I like this. Jackie has a similar activity where you answer this question about yourself: “What am I snotty about?” I would say I am snotty about home furnishings. Wait, here’s another—“If I could have been on a TV show in the 50s, it would have been Hit Pirade; in the 60’s 77 Sunset Strip; in the 70s The Bob Newhart Show; in the 80’s Cheers or Murder She Wrote, etc. Hmmmm, I left off the Rockford Files and Mash.

Back to music. Who will be tomorrow’s crooners? Who will stand in for Vic Damone, Perry Como, Andy Williams, The Righteous Brothers, Dean Martin? Rod Stewart is doing fine with American Songbook. I think that’s the name of the title. Ok, then there was Henry Mancini, Burt Bachrach, Percy Faith, and Jackie Gleason….yes, Gleason had a great orchestra in addition to being a comedian. All these guys did mood music. OMG!

When I was little my Mom used to sing, The Tennessee Waltz, On the Street Where You Live, & Old Cape Cod. My Dad used to sing I’ve Got Ssssssteam Heat, Glow Worm, and Mule Train. My Dad wanted Red Skelton to be one of his pall bearers. I need to write about my Dad. He was pretty funny.