Here is a Lesson. Don’t Drink and Write.

I don’t know what exactly happened to that Letter to Mom. Somehow or another I moved or Ecto moved big chunks of text and put them in the wrong places. So I had to retrieve the first published entry then when I redid it I had text still out of order. Perhaps I will figure it out someday or not.

The bottom line is this: Don’t drink more than a glass nor less than two bottles of prosecco when trying to recount anything. You might have your account taken away or have to take Defensive Journaling!

I am going to DC with MCEC. I more or less invited myself but I think Mary will let me do something for the cause. I can bunk in with Belinda and I hope I will get to reconnect with some MCEC chums and learn some a facilitation process. Time to get back in the saddle and be done with the cancer stuff.

Today I had lunch with Nina’s birthday club. They have officially invited me to be a part of their group which is very nice….they are great gals! After lunch, Lolly and I went to the PX at Ft. Hood…this is a special outing for her–reminds her of all the old days when she was a military ‘dependent.’ I dropped her off at Brad’s clinic for a rendezvous with Tommy then I buzzed off to Belton to buy 6 pounds of Fara Cafe Nicaraguan Organic Decaf Coffee. I am totally and completely addicted. I suspect it is laced with heroin. Then home.

Tomorrow 4 hours at the treatment center…best place to be for me on the whole big earth.

I want to get to Dallas in April…I hope I can make that work. IMG_2169.JPGHere is a funny old photo from the 1980s when Len and I went to Hawaii to visit Steph and Sarge. Len actually looks amused and I actually look mean as a snake. And, hello, look at those shoulder pads and earrings. Earrings are also known as salad plates.

Time for bed.


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