Mom and her Prayers

Last night I was at Mom’s house, in my old bed room, reading in bed….it was about 11:30. I thought I heard the TV but just ignored it…after a while I got up to see if I left the TV on because Mom had already gone to bed. The TV and all the lights were off. I walked down the hall towards her bedroom. I stopped just short of the door and listened. It was Mom saying her prayers. Here is my take on what I heard. First of all, because she is 90% deaf, when she talks to herself (a lot) she speaks pretty loudly. When she talks to people, she speaks softly because she doesn’t want to seem old and deaf. So when she is praying it is audible and dear. I think because she may have trouble going to sleep and because she is always wanting her mind sharp, she prays long and in detail. Last night she was being grateful for having God’s blessings…in particular she was being thankful for having had a good job when women didn’t necessarily make much money. She thanked God for a job she loved (director of nursing at a nursing home) and then she named each person on the nursing and administrative staff….Betty, Norma, Jan, Pat, Mary Ann, Russell, etc. I was moved to tears. Some of these people are deceased and some still come and see her…it doesn’t matter. She loves them for what they did to support her. Good Lord, I love my Mom and I love that she has her prayers. Billy tells me it is good we can see into her heart. When did he get so smart?


One Response to “Mom and her Prayers”

  1. Lou Ann Weaks Says:

    Hiow beautiful! Lou Ann

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