Mom, Me, and Moonies

I am just back from SAT and a great visit with Mom. What to say about Mom? Well, she is still exquisitely beautiful, deaf as a stick, determined, mind that is sharp as a tack, and fighting the mean inevitable. Ooops, I see I wrote two pointy metaphors…and then a pun! Back to Mom. She is making up for all the time she spent trying to make sure I wasn’t conceited. By that I mean, she never, I mean never believed in bragging about Billy or me. It would only amount to us becoming big headed and unpopular…that was her opinion. That is not to say that she hasn’t always loved us dearly…I always say, just short of unconditionally. Brother Bill and I always knew that there was a chance, albeit slim, that if we did something bad enough, she might pull the love plug. Ok, where was I? So now she is letting the bragging fly. She seems to think we are perfect. Hmmmm. I like it.

IMG_2210.jpgAnother thing about Mom….until recently she has felt like I was a pretty good dresser….that is, she approved of my ‘outfits’ as she refers to attire. The reason she thought this is because I dressed just like her. In my later years, I have more or less come into my own style…a style she doesn’t get. A combination of Moonie and Tanzanian influence. I am inclined to wear long, gauzy, multi length hemmed, floaty, colorful ‘outfits.’ Recently, to include a headdress. One time I was going out for errands and she commented, “Honey, that is fine for a cocktail party, but not for day wear.” I liked the ‘outfit.’ I wore it anyway, but guiltily. Mom believes strongly in negative compliments. She loves me so that she will tell me something candid but bound up in a marginal compliment. On this trip to SAT, I wore two recently purchased items that I found in St. Armand’s Circle in FL, at a cool shop called, Oh My Gauze. I couldn’t wait to strut around in them. So the first day I was there I wore a deep teal top/dress with black leggings. I KNEW I was going to get some kind of reaction. So much so that I told Billy that this would surely make Mom’s eyes bulge. He said, “Well, I can understand why.” Humph. Billy tends to wear Snoopy, the Flying Ace headgear so what good is his assessment? Charlie Brown.jpgSo anyway, I steeled myself and went into the den where she was sitting in her recliner doing a cross word puzzle and with the TV blaring. I stood in front of her to get her attention. She looked up and her eyes did bulge. First she said, “Honey, that is a real pretty necklace you have on. Where did you get it?” Not a word about the dress and leggings. Then as I readied to leave for the Commissary she asked the punchline. “Do you wear that to the Chemo Treeatment Center when you work?” I said, “No we have regulation uniform.” She said, “Well, I thought if you did it would keep the patients’ minds off of having cancer.” This is so funny I can hardly stand it. I am sorry the photo doesn’t do justice to the hemline–you can’t tell that it ties up in front on my hip…very spiffy in my opinion, or that I didn’t get a photo of the teal gown and leggings. Very memorable.


Ok what else? She loves to rub my head as do many others. I am the laughing Budda. I tell people to rub and make a wish. I like the head rubbing but not my belly.


I met a gorgeous woman in Steinmart yesterday. Bonita. I asked if I could take a photo of her hair…she asked if I was a cancer survivor and the next thing I knew she and I are hugging and hugging and teary and sisters. There is nothing like this, I swear. A community of shared anguish turned to joy. She had breast cancer 13 years ago while she was in the Army. At that time she had a 6 month old baby.

Tomorrow I have to write about Mom’s prayers and her pride and joy. I don’t have time to edit this.


One Response to “Mom, Me, and Moonies”

  1. Lou Ann Weaks Says:

    Lee’s comment about your “cancer” attire will keep me laughing all evening. Lou Ann

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