I am wired. So wired I had to make an old-fashioned list on paper. I am pretty much overwhelmed with minutia. SO I am trying to get a grip.

Last night was book club at Bev’s…she asked us to wear our western gear since our book selection was The Time It Never Rained by Elmer Keaton. Every month I have to say this, “I love my book club.” We are such a disparate group and committed to each other. IMG_2167.JPG IMG_2138.JPGI just noticed that I appear to be 6’4″ tall. This is because these gals are tiny women and I am not and I had on 2″ cowboy boots and a stetson hat.

On my way to the hospital today I was listening to the Sirius radio station…and I was struck by several things. First, I prefer instrumentals. i think I have written about this before….eek. So, I prefer instrumentals because I don’t have to remember words or substitute unknown lyrics with things like “Da, da, da, da.” Instrumentals are about whatever I want them to be about…strictly my call based on my mood. I also like Spanish songs for the same reason. Now more on music. I notice that a lot of the hot tunes from my teen years are now instrumentals. Another thing I think about regarding popular music: I can get all swoony just hearing certain music from my primal years (I don’t know what that means but I like the sound of it.). For example, I always get dewy eyed over I Want Some Red Roses for a Blue Lady. So, will today’s teens get swoony over Never Give a F— by Kid Ink when they are in their 60s? Will that tune become an instrumental over time? This is very deep as Lolly would say. Much to think about.

More on my morning musings. IF I COULD….was the theme. Sort of a game show for my head. Here’s how it works. You say to yourself, “If I could…. then I would….” It is sort of an individual value clarification. For example: If I could play the piano, I would play Clare de Lune and ragtime. Or, If I could play a string instrument, it would be a banjo. Or, If I could dance, it would be tap or tango or flamenco–hard to decide. Or, If I could play a team sport it would be softball. If I could play an individual sport it would be skeet shooting. On and on. I like this. Jackie has a similar activity where you answer this question about yourself: “What am I snotty about?” I would say I am snotty about home furnishings. Wait, here’s another—“If I could have been on a TV show in the 50s, it would have been Hit Pirade; in the 60’s 77 Sunset Strip; in the 70s The Bob Newhart Show; in the 80’s Cheers or Murder She Wrote, etc. Hmmmm, I left off the Rockford Files and Mash.

Back to music. Who will be tomorrow’s crooners? Who will stand in for Vic Damone, Perry Como, Andy Williams, The Righteous Brothers, Dean Martin? Rod Stewart is doing fine with American Songbook. I think that’s the name of the title. Ok, then there was Henry Mancini, Burt Bachrach, Percy Faith, and Jackie Gleason….yes, Gleason had a great orchestra in addition to being a comedian. All these guys did mood music. OMG!

When I was little my Mom used to sing, The Tennessee Waltz, On the Street Where You Live, & Old Cape Cod. My Dad used to sing I’ve Got Ssssssteam Heat, Glow Worm, and Mule Train. My Dad wanted Red Skelton to be one of his pall bearers. I need to write about my Dad. He was pretty funny.

2 Responses to “Thoughts”

  1. Lou Ann Weaks Says:

    Oh, how I enjoy your Journal, Susan. You put so many of my thoughts into words, and I love that!!! You also stirred up some great memories in this one. Love from your No. l Fan – Lou Ann

  2. Thank you, Susan…for more than you will ever know. Love, Mary

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