Centennial House Cleaning and Subsequent Epiphany

Some people call it spring cleaning, we call it centennial cleaning! Our housekeeper has been out with family health problems for three weeks so Len and I had to break down and try to do it ourselves. We gave ourselves a week of pep talking so we would be enthusiastic.

Len and I have had a housekeeper for 36 out of 41 years of marriage! Our first was the hardest working woman I have ever seen…she was a local putzfrau in Hanau…Len and I can’t remember her name and that makes me nuts! Anyway, we have been cleaning and have come to some conclusions after it took both of us to figure out how to put a Swiffer dust mop together. First we have decided we have too much stuff aka as objects d’art! Waaaaaay too much.

I think I may be ready to down size. Really. I want to hire someone to have an estate sale or I think I prefer downsizing sale. Len agrees so much he has already found a little house right off Main Street here in Salado. He wants us to look at it. I think he is saying this because this will make me change my mind. I told him I don’t think I want to down size to downtown Salado–I prefer a condo in Austin or San Antonio.

One Response to “Centennial House Cleaning and Subsequent Epiphany”

  1. hartwish Says:

    Brilliant! I wonder if I could work that magic with Dick….

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