DC Sightseeing by Night, Expensive Champagne, and a Spring Oyster Fest

Grrrrrrrr, once again I wrote a very descriptive text about the DC outing and either WordPress or the computer ate it up never to be found again. I hate rejection.

So I am sitting outside with the fountains going; the trees are leafing out so that it is almost dark; I am drinking sparkling water and eating white chocolate ruffles. Once the chocolate is gone I will go inside and retrieve my creme brûlée iced coffee. The chocolate is already gone…i think I will go look for more to enjoy with the creme brûlée iced coffee. It is all about indulgence for me.

Let’s see if I can recapture the highlights of going to DC. First, I am not all together sure that I was actually invited but somehow or another I thought I was–So Mary said I could be the aide-de-camp for Patty, Joan, and for her….my perfect happy job even without aiguillettes. I went down to Austin the night before so I wouldn’t have to get up at the crack of dawn. I met up with IMG_2229.JPG Belinda at the gate with enough time to catch up. We arrived in DC with enough time to check in and then have ‘high tea.’ Very lovely and bin addition to the dainty finger sandwiches and pastries, and orchid oolong, we had champagne…heaven. This repast required naps before we could take on the sights. Once reenergized we did a walkabout…weather was nice. We didn’t see any cherry blossoms except from the plane. After the night sights we decided a nightcap was in order and why not more champagne? We each had two little

201203261307.jpgbottles of Monet champagne–then the bill–$110.00. We more or less hyperventilated by recovered nicely….you only live once and it is a great story.

Up bright and early to become acquainted with my duties–mainly taking care of sign in sheets and book sales. The convening was very interesting and facilitated by a dynamic set of young professionals from Deloitte. I loved watching those ‘kids’ in action…Belinda and I had dinner at Darlington House right off of Dupont Circle. This time we read the wine list for costs and decided on prosecco! It was a lovely meal–veal scaloppini.

Belinda was scheduled to fly out Saturday at 4ish…and I thought I was supposed to leave at 8:25 so I could get back in time to attend Tom’s now annual oyster fest. During the night I woke up to find Belinda working on her iPAD; she decided she would leave earlier than planned–7:20. So when I got up she was long gone. I met Mary and Michael in the lobby at about 5:45 to get to the airport…With Mary’s assistance I was trying to secure my upgrade with the agent when the agent noted that I wasn’t scheduled to leave until 10:50! Duh….I just imagined I was invited AND what time I was leaving. But the agent worked it out…I ended up on Belinda’s flight and upgraded all the way!IMG_2245.jpg

So safely back in weird and wonderful Austin, I headed straight to Sue Patrick’s to get a couple of no-iron Foxcroft blouses for summer. Home just in time to find beautiful lilies that Len likes to bring me and I love to get–I was overcome and another nap was required.

Fully revitalized, we were off for oysters. Tom grilled awesome oysters with Roquefort cheese and green onions. He also had raw oysters which I more or less ate…swallowing two. I don’t understand why you eat raw oysters when you don’t chew them so you really don’t taste them. Then the rapture: Fried Oysters a la Becky and sous chef Suz. Fantastic evening. I want to remember this: Joann and I drank a big bottle of champagne that she brought for my recover celebration about 2 months ago. What is it with me and champagne?


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