Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I Love You Tomorrow!

I am back on my Merry-go-Round tomorrow, but right now I am login’ spring. The bluebonnets are out, the sun is shining, and the birds are singing sweetly. Life is good. As soon as I posted the DC recollections, my brain started kicking in what all I have for tomorrow. photo[1].JPG

Len is doing is first day as a volunteer in the chemo infusion center where I work on Tuesday and Thursday. Seemingly a woman whom I haven’t met left me her card at the desk and asked Len to have me call her. She is just recovering from surgery and is overwhelmed….and who wouldn’t be? I think my navigator told me that there was someone she wanted me to meet….so I called the number she left for me and I think maybe I can boost her confidence. We will meet for lunch and a good visit, I hope.

Now more about tomorrow….I also have an appointment with my dentist about an implant for a front tooth. I went to the oral surgeon the day before leaving for DC….this is verrrrry expensive for one tooth…the oral surgeon’s price is $2800. That is what Len paid for four implants. I wonder if it is a gold tooth with a diamond in it?

I must close this rambling prose (sounds like rambling rose) so I can get ready for the library board meeting and following that the Pink Martini Concert with Babs and Jackie. Rock on sisters!Pink-Martini-band-h02.jpg

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