Pink Martini Concert


The Pink Martini concert was great! Jackie, Babs and I had drinks at the W Hotel in Austin then walked upstairs to the Austin City Limits venue (?) in the Moody Theater….I don’t know how much of that naming is right. There was one surprise…the great grandchildren of Maria and Gaylord Von Trapp were special guests….it is amazing that these young adults are the grandchildren of Kurt the youngest of the Sound of Music family….they were awesome. They had just moved to Austin from Montana, I think…and it was their first public Von.jpg appearance in Austin. I was worried when they started performing that they were too conventional, too solid, too pre-WWII…singing a cappella. But they were received with great enthusiasm from the audience. I just loved it all. Well, I was disappointed that I did not get to participate in the Conga Line—China singing Brazil just makes folks want to dance. Very cool!

One Response to “Pink Martini Concert”

  1. Nicola Mundschau Says:

    Well, who can resist finding out who “Pink Martini” would be…so I went to iTunes and listened. They are fantastic! Nice taste Killer 🙂

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