There Really is No Place Like Home

I have been home for just about 24 hours….it has been a marathon laundry day….I enjoy unpacking almost as much as I enjoy packing with this exception: the tiny little things that come out of the bottom of the suitcase are a pain in the butt to put away….they seem to multiply like rabbits. So, I am finished with that business.

I don’t exactly know how to approach a reflection of a 3 week odyssey. First, I learned that I will take my laptop with me next vacation. I thought it would be difficult to get to a wireless location—better to have had it so I could write a few things down every couple of days. Now I have to try to think back to the days of occurrence. FAT CHANCE.

Seems like I will just need to start writing and see what comes out of my stream of conscience. First, it was a great trip and different in almost every way from previous trips on Viking and to the UK. Belinda is a great travel companion. I may have worn her down, I don’t even want to think about that though. We melded our schedules so we could operate in small places and still make it to breakfast in time. I never, never want to miss breakfast on vacation. I should have gained 10 pounds and I suppose I may have…scale says only 1.8 but I bet if I wait a few days it will be closer to 10. Back to Belinda–she took great care of me…helping me with sentences, memory loss, steps, etc.

Viking upgraded our stateroom so it was much, much larger than in the past. Even though larger, by the end of the trip it seemed tiny. The Viking Primadona is the only catamaran in their fleet and sadly being returned to the owner at the end of this year. It was soooo much wider than the other boats..I will put some pictures in tomorrow that may help me remember how much wider.

Our cruise took us from Bucharest, Romania to Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia, to Budapest, Hungary. I am really glad it went from Romania and ended in Hungary….if not, I think it could have been a real downer. Most of the countries had few historical artifacts to show off. These countries have been bushwhacked so many times and burned to the ground. We learned so much about the Eastern block countries, which I soon forgot. Belinda, has a mind like a steel trap, so if necessary IO can tap into her. So back to the Eastern Block countries Their people are leaving left and right trying to find any kind of employment. It is stunning to see this. Flashback: I remember when in Chipping Camden three plus years ago…I did a great walk through vegetable fields filled with Romanian workers. They let me take their photo. I think it was one of my favorites….very National Geographic. In retrospect, i liked the way they were so proud and happy to be working.

So, back to the feel of it all–I felt like I was seeing East Germany. In a way, I was. I cannot do justice to what I saw or didn’t see. Romania and Bulgaria in particular just didn’t have much left to show. Serbia was pretty bleak too. Croatia, on the other hand, seems to have more spunk and resilience. How inane this is….total over simplification. Damn, I wish I had taken the computer. It is going to take me forever to get this all done. I am going to post this then move forward a little each day. BUT first:……

My radiologist released me….no more seeing him unless it comes back. Also Neurologist said no evidence currently of Parkinson’s. Niiiiiiiiice!

I am going to SAT tomorrow just overnight. I need to see my Mom. Let me find a photo.IMG_2480 IMG_2479


3 Responses to “There Really is No Place Like Home”

  1. hartwish Says:

    Glad you’re back safely, and really happy for your doctor news!!!! And have to say your suitcase looks manageable, although I’m not sure how you carried that shoulder case without breaking something important…looking forward to details.

  2. Lou Ann Weaks Says:

    Welcome home, dear friend. I look forward to reading your recollections as you post them, so I can enjoy your trip vicariously.

  3. More, more, more – write more. You’re off to a great start and I’m curious. Of course, can’t wait to hear the Latin name of every flower you saw or smelled. Me too – soooo happy about the good health news.

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