I THink I am in the Midst of a BIG Life Transition

I kinda feel like I have had my moorings cut. Jay died; Susan Is moving; Marsha moved, I am not on the Library Board any more after 7 years; I don’t know how much MCEC work is available; Mom is really failing; I am out from under cancer; I need a lot of body work; I am not so sure there’s something next; and this spooks me. I just don’t have the options I used to have. Something will come along, I guess. I need to find a passion. I wonder if I can learn any more? I might like to take a class in cell phone photography. I want to be hired for my best talent….smoozing.. I am good at it and although a vaneer of sorts, it generally makes folks happy. Possibly polishing brass. The English have it right….quart containers of Brasso. I also love to iron. There has to be a job in there somewhere. I am not ready to be forgotten.IMG_2956.jpg


One Response to “I THink I am in the Midst of a BIG Life Transition”

  1. Lou Ann Weaks Says:

    It makes me so sad for you that Susan is moving. But she was there when you reaaaaaaally needed her, and she will always be your friend – just too much distance away. Just remember, God never closes a door without opening a new one, and I truly believe there are more doors to be opened by you in the future than you can ever imagine, so just hang in there, dear friend, and be ready for the ride.

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