I am Cranky. I am a Shrew. I Will Get Past It.

Damn. What is wrong with this stupid WordPress? Anna is coming out here Thursday to help me because I am loosing entries too often and they take a lot of time to do. Grrrrrrrrr. In the nick of time she is coming. I have a list for her and I think some of things are on for a second or third time because I don’t do the process enough to learn it. She is very patient.

I am feeling overwhelmed and stuck at the same time today. It seems like my To Do List isn’t all that important but the chores are looming over my head. I think Grandma might have force fed me castor oil…Seems to me care givers dosed up kids who were out of sorts with either castor oil, worse still enemas, or maybe a good whippin’! I mean any one of those things would teach even the dumbest, most stubborn kid to fake good cheer and optimism. No wonder so many of us are screwed up!

I am listening to Eastern Orthodox …chanting or singing. Belinda and I bought them at one of the churches. It is one track so for as long as you can stand it you hear the same thing. It is actually very soothing…something along the lines of Hildegard von Bingen. I am going to zen myself into exiting this deep funk.

It all started earrrrrrly this morning (1:00 am) when I realized I had not read the fasting directions correctly… I was supposed to stop eating and drinking at 10:00 PM not midnight…so I could not make my lab appointment this morning at 8:30. This made me NUTS all day. My port incision looks great… Anyway, I just couldn’t get my groove back. Well, sort of. Becky had a wonderful luncheon for Susan’s send off….the best food and some of the best women. Marilyn H, Mary Lou J, Peggy M, Shelly S, and Ann C. And Susan and Becky, of course. Mostly Mah Jongg and Temple ISD friends. Interesting, interesting women. After several left, we played a couple of rounds of Mah Jongg. I think it will be the last regular game with Susan for me. I plan to be in SAT next week so I will miss, then she will be off to PA.


Let me back track. Friday afternoon we went to John H’s retirement reception. It was at our church and quite an event. It was very exciting to see so many of my old chums from Temple ISD. My gosh, we are older. I did leave there in 1990, after all. Not only did I get to see lots of old colleagues, friends, but even J.J. V, my former student who is now an assistant superintendent in the Dallas area. It was fun, fun, fun. I even saw Regina and Dana, two of the Home Ec. teachers…we taught together for 17 years! Dana and I had a good chortle over my hair…more like hers than either of us could have ever imagined.!


So the party went on and we left early to get to Copperas Cove for the Relay for Life–MCEC had a good team. They ran in memory of Linda N and support of me! It was an honor and I was proud as punch to do the survivor’s lap and for Len to participate in the caretaker’s lap. I had never been to a Relay for Life….very, very moving. In the survivor’s lap there was a man on oxygen pushing a woman

in a wheel chair.

IMG_3122.jpg DSC00761.jpg DSC00768.JPG

Yesterday we went to Austin instead of church. I can’t even tell you how rare it is for me to go to church any more. I am

IMG_3127.JPGcrosswise with God I think. We met Susan and Bill at the Roaring Fork for a farewell feast. Suz leaves on the 23rd. At one point the conversation turned to golf — no one could remember the name of an individual who made clubs back in the day….I certainly was no help. I only remember Sam Sneed because Daddy played in some AF tour with him, I think. So, out came the iPhones. All four of us until I took time out to get a snap shot. After lunch Len dropped me off at Chico’s for some wilding. I am going to set a goal that I will not spend one dollar on clothing for a month. Or notecards, or postage stamps, or hair products, or earrings, or beauty treatments. Period.

A war has been declared on raccoons and deer. I have been grooming one potted tomato plant for months. It started out as a 4″ pot and now it is huge but robbed of tomatoes! Max and I did a garden walk….Max dug up two of those huge buckets of red and white potatoes. I guess the critters are sticking to peaches, pears, squash, and tomatoes. I took a BIG bag to Becky’s today and I guess tomorrow night I will take some to the Book Club. We are reading Interred with their Bones about Shakespeare…I have a lot to read tonight if I am going to try to contribute….although that never really stops me!

IMG_3135.jpgI have to go to bed so I can get out to the hospital early tomorrow. I have really missed my new friends at the infusion center. Oh, did I tell you that my oncologist, Dr. R is leaving S&W? I am sick about it. He is going to Austin in private practice, I think. SW has cut doctors’ pay and is no longer paying part of their medical malpractice insurance.!

Ok…now I am really going to bed.


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