Idle Musings

This was a phenomenal entry. I considered myself nearly gifted as I wrote it and drank several glasses of shiraz. I even used the back up hard drive but here is what I learned: ecto saves files some place besides on my computer….like some rack in the sky. And the rack ate it. So I am sitting in the library trying to resurrect wit and wisdom and I bet it doesn’t happen. I am also waiting to get a pedicure…not here in the library, although we are a full service public library! IN FACT, today I came to a program for kids and adults wIMG_3222.JPGith IMG_3227.jpg exotic animals. OMG, I had a ball. I did not get to kiss any little critter although I was sorely tempted. The handler said these animals would tear your lips off. Put my urges on hold. I like having my thin lips. Anyway….cool photos…

Later today I will do an expose on the breast etiquette. This was part of my lost entry.

So I am sitting here listening to Spirit in the Sky for maybe the 400th time this week. I keep it on continual play. This is one of the really motivating songs/music I love best. Norman Greenbaum’s one big hit. It is sort of like hard acid, spiritual of the 70s. I also like Claire de Lune, Aggie War Hymn, When the Saints Come Marching In, and Goin’ Down Country. I can do most anything with any of these songs playing. Also from Chicago, We Both Reached for the Gun, and of course, the ever-popular, Big Legged Woman! All the while waiting to get a pedicure so I can have cheap-girl red toe nails.

IMG_3141.JPGHere is my own exotic animal from my yard….not too close to the house. But after I saw this coral snake, I dreamed of snakes all night. ‘Red and yellow, kill a fellow.’ A bad snake.

So today, I had breakfast with Katie. Oh Pam you would be so proud. Then after that and the exotic animal show, I had my ears re-piereced for the third time in my life. God, I hope they are even. This has been on my list to do for months. I just finally went to the mall and did it. Also bought more Yellow Box flip flops and leggings. Not to be accused of being age appropriate. Also went to a fabric store where I bought yards of eyelet to make see through dresses. Len is so pure in thought, word, and deed, he will give me the stink eye just as Mom would if she were to see.

Since seeing Most Exotic Merigold Hotel, I’ve been wearing semi Indian things. Like Judy Dench kinda. I want her hair too. I really like the movie, all happy endings and favorite British actors. But I don’t think it showed anything reallllly about India. I know it didn’t. No poverty shots.

I am still in the throws of chemo braininess and malapropisms. Instead of saying infusion, I say confusion. I told Len I ate a pepperoni, mushroom, and javelina pizza. I meant pepperoni, mushroom, and jalepeno.


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