No Title I Can Think Of


Marks & Spencer has the best ever drawers….as in britches….as in foundation garments. Princess Di bought hers there according to my Mom, who knows such things. I used to have to go to the UK to get room deodorizer and talcum powder….now just for undies! I think Belinda and I went to M&S 5 times. We went for blouses, foundation garments, hats, salads, sandwiches, etc. I love that place.

I am in my bedroom at Mom’s house. The bed is hard as a rock because I told Mom about 15 years ago that the bed was too soft and that I liked a firm mattress. So she asked for the hardest mattress they had. It is concrete with a sheet!

We just finished watching the basketball finals with Oklahoma’s Thunder losing 85 to Miami’s Heat 91! It was sooooo close. I want them to win…I like underdogs and since the Spurs are out of the running it is only right that the Okies should triumph.

Observation: Turquoise Vine is not an appropriate name for a child. This was on the news this past week. Small wonder, Turquoise was arrested for some crime….You cannot give a kid a first name like Turquoise then to a last name of Vine and expect a boy scout. He was doomed from the beginning.

Also on the news this past week — late breaking news: Elderly couple murdered in their apartment in Arlington. I said, “Len, I want to watch this.” So I sat through a commercial until the news resumed. Cute, little, anchor princess proceeded to give the dire details. “The woman, aged 62, and her husband, aged 70……” Whoa…what the hell? I am 65 and Len is 69 AND we are MOST CERTAINLY NOT ELDERLY.

Insult to injury. My crown in the front of my mouth is coming lose again. Implant scheduled. Is there no end?

Reading a book called Curly Girl Handbook. Currently I have half a head(back) of fractal or zigzag curls and the other half (front) wavy. Hmmm. Can’t wait for Edward to get hold of it. I want hair like Judy Dench.

Three days later. I am once again home on my own firm but comfortable mattress.

Happy news: Apparently the Chihuly exhibit is fine or at least been repaired already. Belinda and I have tickets to go Thursday night after I finish up at the MCEC conference. We will drive over to Dallas from Grapevine and stay over so we can see the night display. I am so pumped.


One Response to “No Title I Can Think Of”

  1. Lou Ann Weaks Says:

    I don’t believe I have heard the terms “foundation garments” or “drawers” in about 30 years!!!! or more!!!!!!!

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