Once Called Baby David. The Boy is Now a Man

Nephew David, is home from West Point for a few weeks. He came home with a Bass Fiddle…is that what it is called?IMG_3175.jpg It is huge….he kindly played a few quick tunes then let me pose with it. He already plays guitar and of course, the bag pipes.

While I was home, Mom reminded me of a few Baby David stories. I have called him Baby David since his birth…it was like Baby Jesus had come into our lives. I don’t call him that any more. Anyway, back to Baby David stories. Mom and I went to Hong Kong in 1992 I think. Mom had always and forever wanted to go and shop! Yup, it is is in my genes. So, we went had a great time and bought every kind of jewelry imagined. David was about 2 1/2 years old. So Mom brought him a little karate outfit and a Buda. It was a little Buda. David always had a passion for tiny little things: lagos, boxes, bugs, and he liked this Buda. Ok, now Billy and Mary had David in a ‘Christian’ school as he grew older. Maybe it was a Holy Roller school. I don’t know or know why. BUT, David took little Buda for show and tell, and his teachers told him, so the story goes, that he could never bring it to school and that he must throw it away or he would go to hell. Hmmm. Apparently, this was when brother Bill, pulled him out of the Christian school…Later David used to tell his teachers in public school that, “…We didn’t do it that way at the Christian school.” Don’t you know they loved him–lots of eye rolling, I imagine. Then he went to St. Luke’s for middle school, then to Texas Military Institute, another Episcopal school….he graduated from TMI.

Now, years later he is a senior at West Point where I think he has been pretty successful. He plays LaCrosse, fences, and plays in the Cadet’s bag pipe band. He makes ok grades, and loves everything about West Point…and for the past two years he has wanted to be a Unitarian Preacher. I like that, frankly. I don’t know how it will work into his Army service. Time will tell.


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