On Snakes and English Teachers

Once Upon a Time….I hated to write and certainly had no desire to write in a journal. This had something to do with some English teacher’s movement where you wrote and spilled your guts and I had zero interest in it. Now I am a near maniac about writing in this journal and spilling my guts. I can hardly wait to get to my computer and amazingly, this interest (?) drives the way I look at things. Example: I might be doing something and I start framing the experience into a draft entry. I might be thinking how funny something is or I might see something that I makes me pull out my camera for a photo. Below is a photo I took today at PetCo….this is a photo of Sally, a red banded something or another boa. I think they were grocery shopping for baby mice. At any rate, the polite young man offered to let me pet his snake. I not only pet(ted)* it, I was sorely tempted to ask if he would take my photo with three year-old Sally, the snake. I didn’t–but I sent this photo out to some chums…Len said, he hoped I wasn’t bringing it home. I told him I bought 2. He hates snakes. Back to PetCo. After I pet(ted) Sally, I showed the young man my recent snake photos. The coral snake in my yard and the rattlesnake eating a jackrabbit that Max sent me. Max likes to keep me tempered with snake photos. I liked petting Sally; I would not like to pet the coral snake nor the rattlesnake eating an entire jack rabbit whole.



One Response to “On Snakes and English Teachers”

  1. Lou Ann Weaks Says:

    Bobwadley would have loved this journal entry. He was fascinated by snakes. However, I side with Len — I detest them!!!!!!! or rather guess I should say I am scared of them!!!!!!

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