Do-over Entry: Haircut, Reflexology, MCEC NTS, and Big D

Last week was so full and so different and I will have to use my calendar to remember it all. I did get a very cute haircut that I was so proud of…then I decided on the spur of the moment to try foot reflexology in Austin’s China Town. Honestly, I didn’t know Austin had one…. basically it is a shopping center. Since I was a walk-in I had to wait about 20 minutes so I wandered around in a big Chinese grocery store. Ok, I really want to remember this experience. So, I go into this dark reflexology2.jpg room, which I thought might be an opium den. It was one large room with very sheer ceiling to floor curtains between each bed….not chairs. It was like a ¾ massage bed. A very petite Asian young woman had me lie on the ¾ bed and immediately submerged my feet in VERY HOT water. Very hot. I like hot water. The next hour was incredible…funny and painful and good. It was kind of weird to hear the patron next to me snore, snort, and gurgle. I thought it was feet only but she did my entire body with great emphasis on feet and hands. When I thought it was over, she told me to lie on my stomach—Then she either stood or kneeled on my rear end! Yikes. I thought, “Well, I hope this isn’t on Utube.” I mean it, she pummeled, slapped, pulled, shook, and twisted me. I am surprised I could walk out….I loved it! All of this for $35.00! I left with a punch card…like a frequent reflexology card. I will definitely go back.

From Austin, I went straight up to the Gaylord Grapevine for the MCEC National Training Seminar. I did just the kind of work I like these days…packing and unpacking boxes, manning the MCEC table at the 062712-panetta-500.JPG EXPO, passing out papers, and at the last minute facilitating a breakout session for the DODEA 2012 teacher of the year. This was just another example of how seamlessly and professionally MCEC operates. I wonder if those words really are adverbs or what? I am getting really fweaky about grammar since writing stink about English teachers…which is probably why the computer wouldn’t save it. Back to MCEC. Leon Panetta, General Dempsey, Roger Staubach, etc. were all great—

From the Gaylord, I went on to Dallas where I met Belinda…We had a great outing. We went to Highland Park Plaza then to the Dallas Arboretum to see the Chihuly Exhibit and a rock band…Chihuly glass is awesome anyway, but at night with illumination—wow. We stayed at the Hotel Palomar—very nice. The next day off to the Dallas Farmers’ Market and lunch at Pecan Lodge. Belinda headed home and I enjoyed more time at the market. There is just not enough time for me in Dallas. There is so much I want to see and do. I didn’t get to visit my aunt in Frisco, go to Oklahoma to see my cousin, or do any poking around. Damn, there just wasn’t enough time and I wanted that time.


On my way home, I dropped in on Foy. He thought I was coming on Saturday so I caught him on the back gallery reading. I like the way Foy lives.

Yesterday, Len and I went with Jackie and John to Austin. We had lunch at the Roaring Fork then to the Zach Theater for Dividing Up the Estate. Yes, a very interesting and very funny production. We had a grrrreat time.IMG_3345.jpg

Tomorrow, I have my first implant, not breast, but tooth. I am falling apart.
Soooooo, closing this up. But first, I did have an extraordinary Mah Jongg day. I won three times. I win in streaks. Mostly we missed Suz. I just hate change.


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