No Surprise about the Weight Gain

I gather it is the hormone blocker, Anastrozole/Armidex. I asked one of the nurses in the infusion center and she said—probable. After I came back from Europe, I had only gained one pound…considering I ate and drank anything and everything, which is amazzzzzing. BUT, then I came home and in six weeks I gained 5 pounds. Soooo, now I am doin’ the self-talking, walking, and self-regulating. No alcohol. Yesterday this waIMG_3354.jpgs difficult. I had lunch with Anita and Bill and dessert with Dana. It is hard to be good when you are around temptation!

Today was different. I took a basket-making class in Georgetown. All day! It was a student choice class….sometimes the instructor offers a certain basket that all students make…usually because it is a fairly complicated weave. So today, all of us made different baskets. I loved it. I made an onion and a garlic basket. They hang on the wall and are open for good ventilation. Talk about a soothing balm. Here is a quotation I like.IMG_3360.jpg

“The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, not to worry about the future, or not to anticipate troubles, but to live the present moment, wisely and earnestly.” The Buddha. I don’t know that I live wisely or earnestly, but I reallllllly try to live in the moment. Thanks Buddha.IMG_3364.jpg


2 Responses to “No Surprise about the Weight Gain”

  1. Nicola Mundschau Says:

    I love the baskets! I have lost your email again. Please send it to me again. I would love to meet for lunch and catch up. Your travels have been marvelous to follow! Maybe JoAnn can join us as well.

  2. Lou Ann Weaks Says:

    I am quite impressed with your baskets AND your hairdo!!!!

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