Crotchity, Crumudgeon, Crabbit.

I am thinking about Doc Martin, my very favorite sitcom from England, starring Martin Clune. I learned about the series from Linda W. and Mary over a year ago. During my treatment period, I watched the shows back to back. It was a wonderful to escape into the fictional village of Portwenn, really Port Isaac in Cornwall. I’ve been to the real Port Isaac.


The main character is totally crotchety, a real curmudgeon, a crabbit. Now what has me thinkin’ about this is that when I am in my observing mode, often in HEB, I notice there are quite a few grumpy men. I am tempted to say, grumpy old men. Another time I will write about shrews, ogresses, harpies, and termagants. Right now I am focusing on crabbits. It seems to me that crabbits are often peeved in general. It isn’t any one thing but mostly anything. This has me thinking….is Prince Phillip cranky? He is 91 years old. Still and all he always puts on a good face. I am thinking it is part of the job. At home or at HEB he might be a crabbit. Now I am tickled and reminded of an expression Carol taught me. ‘Street angel, house devil.’ Doc Martin is always cranky. A lot like Archie Bunker. My Dad was either hilarious or a crabbit. Len admits he is sometimes a crabbit and said it would be ok for me to write this. Hmmmm.

Today I was wild on caffeine or impulse buying gratification; happy in a completely manic way; tonight I am a termagant. See photo. I don’t think I want to look like this again. Scary-witch look. All that hair looks unhygienic.   



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