Road Trip Day 1: I Squirmed A Lot.*

We left the house early so we could get to the oral surgeon early so we could wait then leave fast so we could be early at my dentist so we could leave earlier than Len had stated yesterday so we could be on the road early so we could get to Wichita early so we could go to bed early so we could get up earlier tomorrow. The man is possessed. BUT we had a very nice day 1. But it is after all only day 1! Nine more days to go.

WIMG_3412.jpge couldn’t leave until both dentists had checked the implant – all fine. Photo of Dacien, dentist divine. We stopped by MCEC so I could pick up a wondIMG_3417.JPG erful book that they had for me. It is a children’s book called A Mom Wears Many Hats. The book is about a woman with cancer; her children give her a hat shower; it is about the side effects of chemo, courage, resilience, relationships, etc. MCEC has a nice fit with one of the authors….and Scott and White gives this book to mother’s with cancer to share with their children….I am not telling this well. Anyway, the folks at MCEC all signed a copy for me and when I was at the conference a couple of weeks ago in Grapevine, I had my photo made with the author and Judy. I love this book at the time they took to get it signed.

OK. We left MCEC in a blaze of dust, as did the Lone Ranger, I think. We made it as far as West, Texas, 54 minutes later…for a desperately needed kolache pit stop at the Little Czech Bakery…then maybe an hour after that a Braum’s double dip in Denton. I mean it; I will weigh 200 pounds when I get home.


The best part of today: a wonderful visit with my darlin’ cousin Janie. She is the very, very funniest person I know. She can tell me the time of day and I am laughing. How does she do it? She and charmin’ Joe live in the former capital of Oklahoma, Guthrie. We did the fastest stop ever…..only one hour. BUT in that wonderful one hour, I had non-stop belly laughs AND, hello, the cake du jour, coconut cake. I say this because, Janie is the only person I know who makes a cake a day. She goes in the kitchen and whips up that cake in less than 5 minutes and makes it look like getting a drink of water. She is my joy.

Now settled in bed in Wichita having watched an episode of Doc Martin from Season 5. Tomorrow Len has us scheduled to be IN THE CAR by 8:30 AM and on the road to North Platte, Nebraska—location of the famous WW II War Canteen….and subsequent book, Once Upon a Town. Len is pleased, he has calculated distances, departures, pit stops, city/town populations, and identified major crop productions. He is a fine driver and he may let me drive if I’m not doing back squirming.

Here I am writing about my road trip and Belinda is in, OMG, Mongolia. I am so proud of her and just a weeeeeee bit envious. Envious because it is so exotic. I am, however, not interested in riding a horse for 10 miles a day nor sleeping in a yurt unless it has been featured in Traditional Home.

* Squirm. I forgot to stretch before I worked in the Chemo center on Tuesday. And because I forgot, I am woefully impaired. You can’t clean those units with zeal without getting your back muscles knotted up. Hence, the squirming. I hate back issues.  

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