San Miguel Trip #8

This is the third time I have written this journal entry and I none to happy about that.  I thought it was ecto that had a problem, I thought it was WordPress that was the problem, I thought it was the iPad that was the problem.  I hope it isn’t my computer that is the problem.  I hope that a lot.

So, I am sitting in the dealership’s service department waiting for my tires (plural) to be fixed.  BECAUSE I had two flats.  How weird is that?  And they are new tires.  My commentary on flat tires:  You never, ever get a flat tire when it is convenient.  I have never heard of anyone sitting at home with nowhere to go and getting a flat tire.  Yesterday, I was on my way to the hospital to ‘work’ when I noticed the flat.  Happily, I was not on the interstate.  I am very grateful for AAA and this time prompt service.  I was verrrry annoyed this morning when Len came in and said one of the other tires was flat.  Grrrrrr. So in my morning gratitudes, I am thankful for AAA, Len, electrical power pumps, and friends who drive me to lunch while I am waiting for tire maintenance.

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico:  I have been hankering to write about it and at the same time not wanting to write about it.  Why?  Because I sometimes feel like when I write about something it becomes finished.  Odd, I guess.  I love San Miguel so much I could pop.  I love Camie and Larry so much I could pop.  Pop, pop, pop.  A human explosion/combustion.  I planned to write each day an entry on my iPad while I was there but there were tech issues I couldn’t overcome.  In retrospect maybe it is better to try to conceptualize my experiences.  Hmmmm, not so much.  What were the biggies?  Camie and Larry; 34th International Chamber Music Festival; ExPats; Outings; Security; and Rentals.  I may have to divide this up into different posts.

I loved staying with Camie and Larry in their perfect casita.  It is maybe 25 feet from their backdoor overlooking the fountain and pond.  Once someone was invited there and stayed 45 days!  Yeah, I can get that!!!!  Since I had to cancel last summer’s ‘volunteering’ at the SM Chamber Festival, Camie let me come this year….Oh lucky, lucky me.  Now I am almost sure I haven’t heard more than 5 chamber quartets in my life…..and surprise I like it….or at least I liked the Pacifica Quartet, 2009 Grammy winners.  Ok, I am running random.  Back up.  The festival lasts over 3 weeks—weekends with professionals playing, then during the week, international students getting to sharpen their skills from the pros, then students playing for the public.  Every weekend different professionals.  I am not telling this well.

My ‘job’ was to sit in the Jardin with handouts.  Right down my alley.  Mostly, I kept the fliers from blowing away.  My associate, Dirk, a professional photographer, spoke Spanish.  That helped!  For all this ‘work’, I was able to sit in the front row of the Teater Angela Peralta with Camie, the President of the Festival.  How lucky, am I?  Now, I am going to say that I was curious, sort of about the chamber music but I never ever expected to be rockin’!  I was transfixed with the Pacifica Quartet. They were certainly not staid musicians….they were all over the place. Not out of their seats but very physical and sensual.  Quite an experience.  I might need to buy a CD!  I learned sooooo much that, sadly, I can’t remember now….I think it is very cool that they do all these selections with no conductor….just practice and eye contact.  Amazing.   I am nuts for Leos Janacek’s No. 2 Love Letters and the story behind it all. I also liked the idea of sponsoring a young student musician so that is something I am doing.  Anyway, it was very invigorating and what a lot of curious people involved in it all.  At the Teater I saw lots of my SM acquaintances.  I just realllllly liked it.  Camie said it was time I met some arts people since I know a good number of church people.  I liked that.  Oh, and we went to a very posh-ish after-theater soiree.  Yup, lucky me.  It had to be a bad time for Camie to have a casita guest with her obligations to the Festival.  I am so comfortable in SM that I was quite happy to roam about on my own .  I really didn’t want to be an albatross.  Happily, however, she and I had some really fine, fine, fine opportunities for conversation and outings….some lasting into the late night…..some enhanced by cocktails.  One night we reallllly over-did it, but it was so much fun until the next day.  Then we moved pretty slowly.

We went to a, new to me, hot spring called Escondido Place right across from La Gruta.  The latter is where we usually go but I love the new place so much.  All kinds of little caves with really hot water cascading out of pipes….a different kind of pretty and maybe more up-to-date.  We had lunch there then went on out to Barbara P’s country house.  That was a kick too.  Barbara has lots of dogs…the rest of her menagerie was in town….that includes the monkeys!  It was a very revealing visit…so many things I didn’t know about Barbara—she sews daily quilts for families in need and other endearing qualities.

The super big treat was going out to Camie’s studio and printmaking.  She is amazing.  I don’t think I knew until last year that she was also an artist.
Gads.  She has published lovely books, can whip a tour together, speaks Spanish, is a marketing genius, etc. etc.  AND she likes to give me shawls and earrings.  I like to receive them!

Back to the printing.  Even with my ‘double major’ I had never printed before.  It was so cool and I am hot to do more tin and ghost prints.  Camie really guided me through the process and I came away with some dramatic Mano de Salud.  Surely spelled wrong.  The prints were a departure from the Hand of Fatima or Hamsa charm I had made when I was in Mexico a couple of years ago…AND I even had a henna tattoo for awhile.  Camie has all of her virgin print makers wear a Mad Hatter hat.  After printmaking we had drinks with one of Camie and Larry’s friends who lives in one of their rentals.

Larry (dear and funny) generously and kindly took us to dinner twice, and also fixed us dinner one night prior to a concert.  ‘We’ also had a dinner party one night with the GANG.  Dennis and Gay, Al and Chris, and Larry and Camie.  That was better than exceptional.

In addition to all of this, we had dinner with some interesting local expats after the first concert.  I mean there was just sooooooooooooooo much going on and I loved it all.

I need/want to write about the magic in San Miguel.  When I am there I am so comfortable and so disconnected from any responsibility or obligation.  I feel wonderfully safe and I just don’t have any pesky stress residue.  I mean, I can leave it all totally behind.  It does make coming home difficult.  I call it having stipes feriae puteulanus or post holiday blues.  San Miguel is about gaiety, new experiences, beautiful architecture and people, shopping, sleeping late, dressing up, and lots and lots of laughter.  Gotta be good for ya!

This is turning into a verrrrry long recollection and I KNOW I am leaving out something huge.  Shopping was good.  Security was a non-issue.  I actually slept both to and from the airport, which is a fairly desolate area and I was the only person in the shuttle.  Couldn’t have been too spooky!  Oh, handsome President Enrique Pena Nieto was in town for a wedding so there were gazillions of soldiers there for a couple of days.  Exactly like any other President—lots of security.  Oh, please, please let there be no violence in San Miguel.  I couldn’t bear the loss.

Well, I have gone on and on.  I haven’t mentioned rescue puppies, a visit to Mega for Guernica peppers, opportunities to house sit, breakfast at the Organic Farmers’ Market, La Sirena Gorda, and brunch and Sybil’s floor show at ?.  I am whipped.  The photos will be out of order but just seeing them will make me happy.  Thank you Camie and Larry.

PS Photos not working AT all. Maybe WordPress is the evil twin of ecto.  I am verrrrrry crazy.  I will just do a new post and do photos there.


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