A Discourse on My Affection for those things Mexican—Music and TV and Dogs

So, I am back from a 4-night visit with Mom. There will be an entire entry devoted just to Mom, her status, her observations, and her parenting that I will do this week. She is well enough but starting to talk about moving into a smaller place—I think it won’t happen and I hope she gets to stay in her house. I pray she goes quietly and quickly and before she declines too much. I will NOT get weepy. I won’t.

Ok, I want to think about Mexican TV and music first. Here’s the deal: When I was a young woman living in SAT, I embraced, to the extent that was appropriate for an young, Anglo woman in the late 1960s—Mexican what? Well, what do I call it? Not language for sure. Nothing big such as classes—just living in a Tex Mex city gave it to me. Maybe it waseydie gorme amor.JPG a little more than that. I had a good friend who lived in Laredo introduced me to Eydie Gorme and the Trio Los Ponchos. Really, how Mexican is that? I never understood a word of it but I sure did like it. I think that was the beginning of my affection for those things of Mexico. I can’t figure out the word or expression. I thought it was Mexicali, but that’s a city. I don’t think it is Hispanic or Chicano or Lation either. Maybe a Mexicophile. Ok, I can’t get stuck….keep with the stream of conscientiousness and edit later.

So I like(ed) Mexican music, even if it is (was) Gringofied. I love that I have no idea what they are singing about. These days I like Luis Miguel and the Gypsy Kings…..oh, and the B Tribe aka, the Barcelona Tribe of Soulsters….and who are, incidentally, GERMAN….Hello! Supposedly they play a combination of Flamenco, classical Spanish guitar, and trip hop (???)…..and record in Ibiza….where I have been. Anyway, hardly Mexican but fulfills my mental/emotional requirements! I refuse to edit this for grammar.

luis-miguel.jpg B tribe.jpg kings.jpg

All of this music business and I also really liked the looks of dark, swarthy Mexican men although I only dated one….Ed Prado, who worked for Braniff (that would make a good trivia question). He was my heart throb for about 6 months during the Hemisphere era. In fact, I met long-time friend and another subsequent boy friend, Ed Churchin, through Prado. All these young people were from Mexico City….I can’t really figure out why they were all in SAT….maybe it was Hemisphere. Now I realllllly am off the subject. I liked swarthy fellows and married a very good-looking Nordic man with great legs. Go figure.

Now I really want to zero in on just another aspect of my affinity for those things Mexican. Sometimes, I really like to treat myself to late-night Mexican TV. I particularly like the talk shows and particularly if I have had some alcohol. I become riveted to the tube….watching without understanding a single word Mexicanactress.jpg

Erik-Estrada-299936-1-402.jpgspoken by buxom women with big hair, lots of jewelry, skin tight, glittery dresses, cut to the navel, talking with swarthy talk show hosts, who are too plump for their suits. They talk very conversationally and fast about who knows what, then suddenly they throw their heads back and laugh like loons. I just love it. I laugh right along with them though, just like the music, I haven’t a clue. Mexican soap operas are also very entertaining. Erik Estrada, from the 70s TV show COPS and who always wore tight britches, is on one of those Mexican soap operas. He has very white teeth.

Seems I am all over the place tonight. I better shut down and concentrate on preparing odd food combinations for Mah Jongg tomorrow.   Broiled Stuffed Figs, Olive Pico de Gallo with Toasted won tons, Blackened Padron Peppers, and Coffee Kailua Ice Cream Sundaes. Ewwwwww, it all sounds awful but I think will be ok if I spread it out over a couple of hours! I might serve TUMS too.

Wait, I have to tell about Diego. He is our rescue dog or really our foundling. He is a Blue Heeler but he is red. Len is totally in love with him. This is very good. As we now know, Heelers are very head-strong dogs and not nearly as easy to train as Golden Retrievers. We have already spent $1,500.00 on him and he still has to be neutered, get a rattlesnake vaccine, and continue with the heartworm/tick/flea meds. He is a wild dog. I call him Diego de Diablo.  



One Response to “A Discourse on My Affection for those things Mexican—Music and TV and Dogs”

  1. Nina bible Says:

    I love this doggie….Diego! He is so cute! Hope he does well at doggie school!

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