First Kiss: An Olfactory Recollection


For years this memory has flitted in and out of my consciousness. I think it was my first kiss at Ramstein AFB, in 1959.

I was at some party—surely it was chaperoned because I was in the 8th grade but then maybe not. At any rate there was this kid in my class that I thought was verrrry cute. He wore either Hushpuppies or desert boots. That’s all I remember about him except that he wore Clearasil like some men wore English Leather. So, I suspect he had acne that might mean he wasn’t quite as cute as I remember…but then I think most adolescents have acne. I waited till I was in my 40’s! I will not digress. Isn’t it something that whenever I get a whiff of Clearasil, I remember that first kiss? I thought it was very sexy! OMG!



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