Hi-larious Foot Event-Baby David at West Point-Roomate Reunion


Sometimes things that happen to me just crack me up and often these events are associated with me being a goof. Example follows: When I was in SAT visiting Mom, I was out and about while she napped. I know it has to show that I feel like a trapped animal, and I hate that…but I won’t go there now. So, I was going to the commissary to get her groceries when I realized I had some (ten to be exact) uglllllly toes in dire need for buffing and polishing. On a whim, I pull into one of 10 strip shopping malls right outside of Randolph AFB. There was just one car in front so I figured I might be able to get a pedicure right then. As often occurs, the staff spoke little to no English. But yes, they could ‘do’ me. Through a series of pantomimes, I was led to a bank of empty mega chairs. She fills up the tub with boiling water (really, my feet were almost purple) but I said through gestures and head nodding that it was fine. Why do I do that? And what do I call her? Not stylist…maybe technician. Nail person? Hell, I don’t know. Anyway, she gestured that I could turn the chair on with a remote looking apparatus. So I turned it on and she went back to her other clients….she was multi tasking—three pairs of feet at one time. The chair was a wondrous piece of equipment…it felt better than almost any real massage I ever had. It was soooooo good, I almost fell asleep but by this time my feet were about blistered from the extremely hot water. So, through more body language I indicated to either turn the hot water off or call 911. She did and I continued my chair massage. This really does crack me up. When the other gals were drying their toes she started on my goat toes. I continued my chair massage. I don’t know exactly what to make of this, but the chair kind of went into an

1300133735_177349192_3-massaggiatore-milano-Salute-Bellezza-.jpgaccelerated mode. Sure I noticed it but I still liked it although I did consider it vigorous. I wasn’t too sleepy anymore. In fact, I felt like I had been tasered! Every part of me was moving—I was almost thrashing—convulsive. My facial cheeks (and probably my bottom cheeks, too) were flapping; my back was arching; and my legs jerking! She, pedicurist, grabbed my foot and said, “No more chair!” It was hilarious. I always have curious experiences when having my feet serviced!

Brother Bill went to Baby David’s Ring Ceremony at West Point….Bill sent these good photos—Billy, David, and Justin. Nice for the brothers to be together for this…both ring knockers.IMG_4013.JPG   Billy was very proud.

While in San Antonio I had a drink with Belinda while she was attending the Olive Growers’ Convention, I think that’s the group’s name. It had been ages since I had been downtown SAT—honestly, I love that place. It was so changed. I told Mom about it and she also said how long it had been since she had been there. The next evening I drove Old_map-San_Antonio-1873.jpg her down to Alamo Plaza. We drove up and down the streets for an hour and a half. We both loved it. She gave me a running commentary on things she remembered. I do love her.

I also had lunch with Nancy, one of my roommates from the 1960s! It was just great to have those belly laughs again. We even managed to get weepy about nothing in particular…we both just cry a lot. She cried so I did! She is funny and precious. IMG_4012.jpg I have always had great girl friends. Oh my gosh! I just had a memory flash and it is good. It is about my first kiss. I will write about that tonight too.  


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