Sunday Morning’s Thoughts on Diego, Jigsaw Puzzles, Nail Color, etc.


No church again. It has been months since I have been. I sleep late, late, late and then I streeeeeeeetch and it feels wonderful.   San Miguel chum calls skipping church, “Worshipping at St. Mattress.” I think that is pretty clever.

So here I am on the porch listening to the fountains, birds, and Diego…on occasion he likes to chew on furniture….grrr. Len went to HEB to shop for dog toys…he loooooves his dog. Diego likes it all—especially his pool and in a pinch the deer’s water trough.


Why we keep the trough is a mystery since Diego’s main claim to fame is herding all the deer away from the area. That dog can run like the wind. He also chews anything including people, terrorizes the cat who does NOT want to be herded, and chases cars. We go to our first private dog training Tuesday then two more before we go to Massachusetts….then Diego stays with the trainer and gets 2 hours of one on one training a day. This is an expensive dog. Belinda and James have agreed to be Godparents in case he needs to be relocated–he can go to Lavaca county for a few days. I wouldn’t really do that to them! Their cattle and horses would never be the same.

Jigsaw Puzzles. I have NEVER, EVER, been a jigsaw puzzle enthusiast. I don’t recall our family ever having one….but I did start buying little 52 pc puzzles at museum shops when I ran out of other purchasing options. I liked them….fast, easy, big pieces. So I have tried over the past three or so years to branch out. I did a 150 pc with relative success…I think it took me a week of total absorption. During this period I found out that Suz, is a whiz at them….small wonder. If I had one out during Mahjong she would walk by and put in about 20 pcs randomly with no concentration at all. It made me nuts. I was filled with envy. I started telling her if she put any together she had to take them apart so I could say I did the entire puzzle. That makes sense to me. Now, it has all changed. I bought a 500 pcs puzzle at Yellowstone National IMG_4088.JPG Park of a beautiful blue hole. Internet search calls it a Grand Prismatic Spring. Bet it freaked out the pioneers and Native Americans. Anyway, It took me about 2 weeks to put the outside edges together—not sitting there for hours, but not in an hour either. I can’t figure out why it is so hard for me. I have a doctorate degree and I am an idiot about Suduko, and all other puzzles. Ok, here is what I have learned: If you walk away, clear your head, turn the puzzle, stand up, and don’t think, the puzzle pcs are much easier to place. It is incredible. Especially important is not to think. Next thing I know I am popping a pc in nickity split. Ohhhh, that is such a sensational feeling. I would really like to have a PET scan while doing a puzzle. I would like to see what part(s) of my brain light up when I am concentrating on the pieces and when I am not. I bet putting a pc in correctly lights up the brain like sex! At this point, I am thinking of offering to pay Suz’s air fare to come down here and jump start my puzzling—hell, she can finish it if she wants. I might need the dining room table for another long term project, like sewing up the eyelet dress I cut out 6 months ago.

Hair update: I am looking like Lyle Lovett or a rooster.Lyle.jpg IMG_4083.jpg

I am intrigued with tattoos. I can’t have a tattoo because I am fickle and as soon as I selected an awesome design and suffered through the process, I wouldn’t like it any more. Also, Mom would disinherit me. Anyway, I am pretty good at convincing people that my spider veins are modern art tattoos. Ok, if I can’t allow myself tattoos, I can allow myself to wear curious nail color. Recently, I am wearing gray….not like Michelle Obama. I had mine on before her speech in Charlotte. Actually, I am not wearing my ‘Fifity Shades of Gray’, but rather something called Pumice. I love it. Mom even liked it, I think. I am sorry I never wore rubber gloves my hands are so ugly.

I am trying to lose weight again. This is what I do in life….My tombstone might say something like, “Over 85 years, she lost and gained back 200 pounds.” This time I am not doing Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers. I always like to say when I am trying to be clever, that, “I am a life time member of all major weight loss companies.” That’s a pretty sad commentary. Ann did give me a name of a place in Austin called My Fit Foods where you can buy healthy prepared meals. They have very good-looking photos of the meals and spiffy names. They are, however, mostly made of ground turkey. That doesn’t interest me much. I still might do the 3-day Challenge. This morning I was eating my Over-night Oatmeal….a pretty tasty serving except I have been making it with almond milk. I think it would be tastier made with Half and Half or cream.

I think I lost my train of thought. So to lose weight, I am walking a lot with Diego, walking at the old mall, and doing water exercise. The water exercise is very effective but it is such a giant effort. I have to wear my big girl suit and water shoes! I didn’t know they existed. It is working although I hate all the analysis I have to do to squeeze in the time and location between lunching with the buds and working at the hospital.

Hospital: I love it all except for the required turquoise shirt. I would much prefer to dress-up just enough to fulfill my love of costume but still be able to swab down a chair. Here is what I like. I get to chit chat with people who are genuinely grateful for my attention and also who haven’t heard my stories before! I think of myself as a social worker of sorts!

In order to feel productive, I am going to finish Tung oiling the outside furniture. I think I will rubber gloves.


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