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It Has Been a Rhubarb Kind of Day

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I guess I am just on a streak! I woke to a wonderful gray, cool, RAINY day. Oh happy me. We had the windows open so it was just heaven to wake to the sound of rain. As a kid, I used to be terrified of rain, even drizzle, even mist….I am sure it had to do with toilet training that my Mom probably started way too soon or something of the like. But now, I just love rain and a good thunder boomer to go with it. All this cool autumn ambience just made me want to cook. Soooo, it required three trips to the grocery store….and I ended up with meat loaf, Creole sauce, rhubarb nut bread, and rhubarb sorbet. Meat loaf and mashed potatoes with the Creole sauce and Shishito peppers for dinner and the Rhubarb dishes for Mahjong tomorrow.

When Len and I were in South Dakota we stopped at the Red Ass Winery where we purchased a half dozen bottles of Rhubarb Wine—just perfect for sorbet, I think. I guess I will find out tomorrow.

This week was just packed full of social activities. Jackie and I went to Austin Thursday night to hear Grisha Gory.jpg Goryachev, the classical guitarist. It was awesome even though we missed the flamenco dancers. I want to take Flamenco lessons—and while there I saw my chum F from the chemo center. She looked awesome…tomorrow is her last treatment.

Also this week was book club….this month we read Moonwalking with Einstein: The Art and Science of Remembering Everything. It was a very stimulating discussion—I think we probably drove Sara nuts all talking at one time and hardly giving her a chance to lead the discussion. I really liked the book although at the onset I thought I might go nuts reading it. We are a pretty raucous group….Len always says, what do you all find so funny and why are you all so noisy? We are very opinionated and a disparate group. I love us.


Len and I have not done a good job of working with Diego on his training. He is too smart. He performs beautifully for treats but if there are no snacks he is incorrigible. I bet Steve, the trainer, is going to chastise us—worse still is that Diego will end up being the dog from hell. Len sits with him outside all the time so that is nice for both of them.

Friday the KISD Human Resources girls all met at the Olive Garden to IMG_4115.JPG celebrate Bill’s birthday. It was great to see everyone—now that I think about it, I wish Bill could have sat in the middle because at the head of the table, I doubt he could hear or even participate in all the conversations. He is looking very fit and is so proud of his progress. I think it has been nearly 5 or maybe 6 years since his stroke.

Now, about my water exercise. I am hell bent to go at least two times a week—in Temple at Sammons Swim Center. The teacher is — she is mean. I keep wondering why I keep going—she is just plain ornery. I was telling the Happy Hour gang about her Friday night when Tom said, “Oh yes, she is mean.” I was thrilled for his affirmation. He goes there too but at the crack of dawn. But at one time he tried her classes…she is just a rough cob. I bet she believes in throwing babies in the deep end to teach them to swim.   She was giving me what to about my lack of ability, so I told her I just finished chemo…sure, it was over in December but she doesn’t need to know that. It didn’t phase her a bit. I like teachers who are kind. Oh well, either way, I am burning a few calories. I wouldn’t use her for a reference that’s for sure. She would call me a weenie and say that I can’t follow directions.