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Stayin’ in Bed All Day: Reflecting, Reading, and Relaxing

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I make lists of things to write about in my journal. There is soooo much to write about. Sometimes I want to have these memories even though writing about events does give me the ‘feel’ of the moment…this is sometimes good and sometimes bad. As a young woman I realized that after a break up with a significant other that someday it wouldn’t hurt. Len took this photo this morning…raining outside, windows open, surrounded by technology, catalogs, and wearing my pedometer!


My body is deteriorating. I am a mass of veins, lumps, and moving skin. I am in need of some positive self-talk. I went to yoga last week for the first time in years. The teacher said I did very well for a first timer…well, in this decade a first timer since I used to go in the 90s. BUT, getting on my knees for the child pose now is agony. Like kneeling on rough-cut gravel but it is just my knobby knee caps. Len bought me a weeding knee pad that might help. I have to like me with an aging body and I need to be wise.

AND, writing of my worn out body reminds me of a new phenomenon. I am suddenly receiving age-related catalogs, such as Helpful Products for Independent Living and Guide to Better and Happier Bunions. OK, not the latter, but yes, to the first. I dog eared 5 pages in the first catalog but stopped in my tracks when I saw the item, IMG_4146.jpg Pambra’s Tummy Liner. I was stunned. Mainly stunned because I think I might need to order a multi-pack. I don’t want to have these issues. Nooooooo! It is a, “…a soft liner that absorbs perspiration, and helps prevent heat rash, and fungus that can develop under the abdominal fold.” I hate my abdominal fold and hate worse that I may be ordering liners for it in the near future. I think this picture of the Pambra Tummy Liner looks like an oriental wood block. Ok, where is that list of things I want to write about….Not in order of occurrence.



Yesterday I went to Lake Austin Spa on my own. Usually go with the posse—this time was quiet, quiet, quiet. I think it did me some good. Here is a photo that will help me remember how glazed over I can be after being salted, oiled, pummeled, steamed, and cooked. I read a lot and basically tried to make my brain be still—maybe even blank. That’s hard for me. After each session the attendant offers you a basket of inspirational cards that you select randomly. Each card I chose seemed to resonate some encouragement over some one thing or another that I struggle over. Not power, I don’t care for that but I like the part about being in the present moment and thinking positively.

IMG_4170.JPG IMG_4171.JPG

On the way home I stopped for a couple of bottles of prosecco. I drank one last night just because. I am reading a book called The Light Between Oceans by ML Stedman…I like it a lot. It is about choices. It isn’t a happy book but compelling. Next I want to read a book about Israel and Palestine…How Israel Lost by Richard Ben Cramer, a novel but with meat, I think. I am not a non-fiction girl so maybe this will sneak in some history. Who knows? Then I want to read Geraldine Brooks’ Caleb’s Crossing. Just finished fathermothergod, a woman’s memoir about leaving Christian Science and I am listening to Elizabeth George’s Believing the Lie, a whopping 20 CD audio book.

Although I am committed to laying in bed all day doing NOTHING, I am wearing my new hearing aids….just in case Len decides to talk to me from his den….which I still won’t be able to hear because the human ear is not supposed to hear through walls and down halls. He just thinks I should be able to hear him. Not to long ago I really irritated him….he said he thought I had selective hearing loss. Who pretends to be deaf? Anyway, the hearing aids that the doctor ordered were not what she intended and readily admits it to be her error….so I have on demos. I hope this doesn’t mean someone else has worn them. Yuck. Back to the fitting. It hurt! Apparently, the only svelte thing about me is my right ear canal! She showed me the impression of my canal and another….it is a whopping difference. Made me feel almost petite. But not only is it skinny, it also spirals up before going down. So it is sort of like putting in a cork screw. She warned me to wait a few days before putting them in because she was even putting it in wrong and that my ear was reeeeeeallly red. AND, that you do not want a scab in your ear as it heals poorly because it is so much cartilage. All I want to do is be able to hear.

I love Camie. I talked to her yesterday and she is just damn smart to be a mere 56.99 years old. Maybe Pam sent her to me. She is like Pam. Her birthday is in 2 days. Anyway, I was thinking about her and how she has such wisdom….most people don’t know it when they are wise which is very nice. Once in a while I think I am wise but bet I am not in the least….I am trying anyway. I wonder if wisdom helps you make correct decisions? Hmmmm, that one I will have to let percolate a while. Time out for Mighty Fine White Orchard Light Caffiene tea with agave nectar. Ok now I am back. I was remembering that last visit to San Miguel, Camie and I went to a new (to me) hot spring. And again, although in a new spring, she suggested we sing Amazing Grace…it sounds very acoustical in the cavern and it is pretty darned spiritual too. And we sound pretty good—like singing in a shower.


All of this San Miguel reflection reminds me of how much I need to open that brand new, cellophane-sealed Rosetta Stone Learn to Speak Spanish software that I bought two Christmases ago! Last time I was in SM I started to feel linguistic—I said “Asta Lego.” to a shop owner…meaning of course, “ Hasta Luego.” I have also asked for Casscarones which are confetti eggs when I wanted Japonése which are chilies. I need to stick with German.

Oh and more SM….I received an email thank you from Fr. M….newly retorted, he is living almost down the street…well, IH 35 anyway. I think I will call Foy–maybe he will be interested is an outing to Pfluggerville for lunch. Also I am going to encourage Foy to have a reunion of Texas based troupers. Or I guess I could do it….hmmmm, will think on that too. I could get Babs, Jackie, Belinda, Susan, Lolly, Susan H., Joann, John, Fr. Michael and Cheri, Sally and Dick, Debra Ann, David, Kay, Lucy, and other’s from up north that I can’t remember. I wonder if I could get Carol to come? This could be fun. I am pumped about this….

Len is out running errands which he loves to do and is very good doing it. We capitalize on Iphone usage….I take photos of items to be purchased along with lists. He will surely buy something for Diego too.

Susan and Bill will be here Monday-Friday….they are staying with us so I can get a Little Suz booster. She is also wise. We will learn how to make origami cranes while she is here. OK, time to read and find good photos to go with this. No editing.