Susan and Bill/Carol and Al. The Best


I am writing from Massachusetts—I am upstairs in Carol and Al’s house, lying in bed, trying to remember what happened last week. The best and the biggest from last week was that Suz and Bill stayed with us for 5

days. Oh it was sooooo good. They came to do maintenance on the farm but we managed some good playtime too. Highlights included playing Mah Jongg like old times and Happy Hour with some of the chums out at the Oscar Store. Becky and Bob were cruisin’ around Nova Scotia so we were two short of the regulars. It was just plain and simple a soothing balm for my frenzied self to have Susan nearby. She is a rock.


The Oscar Store is a wondrous Texas ‘joint’ out in Oscar, TX. We drank Shiner Bock and ate fried pickles and giant cheeseburgers. The next day I weighed 3 three pounds heavier from the salt. Daaaaaaang, it was good….laughs are so healthy.

We went to Austin the day before yesterday so we could drop Diego off with Lisa….I refer to her as Professor of Dog Modification at the University of Dog at Dripping Springs, where Diego is a freshman. She is a verrrrry smart trainer…sending us an email postcard from Diego showing him cavorting with her dogs and looking very chummy and well behaved. Hmmmmm. We will see how smart he is…but he IS cute and we miss him sorely.

We stayed over at the Airport Hilton so we could be up and frisky at the airport at the crack of dawn. Len loves nothing more than getting to the airport waaaaaay early. He was a happy boy that I didn’t get snippy about it. Anyway, after Diego was left at ‘Fish Camp’, I went to the AIA Homes Tour to get some kitchen and bathroom ideas. No one can accuse me of being impulsive about this kitchen/bath remodeling. I have been percolating over this for over a year. I am getting close to knowing what I want.

Our plane ride was pleasant….first class using AA miles is nice and taking ½ of a Xanax makes traveling even nicer. We had no trouble at Logan or traffic, a surprise, since we left the airport at 5:00 PM, on a Monday….October 8th, the Columbus Day holiday. Thinking about all the Leaf Hoppers. We thought it would be brutal.

Last night was good catch up conversation….today a hearty breakfast at Carl’s Diner. The staff there is better than anything you can see on Diners, Drive-ins, & Dives. They are comedians and wonderful citizens who support local food banks and other charities. One of the men in the diner gave me a tour of the parking lot – to show me one of the diner’s vans. I would loooooove to drive thisvan around Central Texas. I am an Oinker and a believer in the virtues of pork and huge portions!




Then a quick trip to Trader Joe’s in Framingham. I will be sending a huge box home via UPS or FedEx. After that, we enjoyed a nice long, scenic ride through New England to Groton, Massachusetts, to see Baby Lucy—our 8-day-old grand niece. Proud parents, Rachel and Justin were so pleased with themselves, as they should be. She is a beauty.IMG_4233.jpg

‘Home’ in time to leave Al and Len for some quiet time (Ha!) watching Fox News….Over exposure could give them warts, but they are happy boys at any rate. Carol and I went into Dudley for Thai take out. I am a porker again. Now having a prosecco chaser! Goodnight happy world. I love my in-laws. There are none more interesting, I know. I would put them up against any reality TV characters! They rock!

Carol is the sister I always needed. She has taught me more than I can recount, starting with you can go to bed with a wet head and not die in the night. Most recently she has taught me about Carol could do an Informercial at any give time. So here is the scoop on Flylady, according to Carol, who could drop a big Indian with a cleaning conversion. Carol unabashedly recommends the purple rag, the feather duster, and most importantly, the Rubbba-Scrubba (Sounds very New Englandish). She says, I can go on line and be A-Mazed! But best of all, she still loves me in spite of knowing me over 40 years. AND, she just brought me half of a lemon cannoli to eat in bed. This is a good woman. I am crazy about them both. Al is holding his own—strokes are mean but he is still delightful, funny, and a handsome I-Talian! Tomorrow: Providence, RI – Federal Hill.  


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