In Quest of Cheese

So much to write about….sometimes I am just dyin’ to write about some event just so I can let IT slip away and sometimes I need to write IT so I can keep it. More and more it is for the latter reason. I am starting all this at nearly 11:00 pm because I slept 11 hours last night then took a 2 hour nap this afternoon. Not smart.

I have taken more than a few minutes looking back at my last entry and savoring that time in Massachusetts and now looking at the calendar to see what I have been doing.


Jackie and I went to see the Ballet Folklorico de Mexico at the Long Center in Austin. We both enjoy the events there and like seeing how city folk live. We are quite the pair….so much a like in some ways. Let’s just say we have high expectations and do NOT like to be disappointed. Now, speaking strictly for myself, I am hardly in a knowledgeable place to be disappointed with the events. I just don’t know squat about opera and after 3 years of having season tickets all I knew that I liked–was whatevwe I could hum later. Now we have tickets for four diverse programs, the ballet already mentioned, Doc Severenson and his San Miguel troupe (We think we know all about this since we saw them perform about 3 years ago in SMdA.), and the comedy, Dixie’s Tuppereware Party. I know I am missing something else. Ok, back to the tale. One of the things we loooooove is to get there in time for a few glasses of vin and a cheese plate. this_mouse_ate_all_my_cheese_by_footballlover-d372k4v.jpg Don’t ask me what it is that makes this just the ticket but we do feel like this is part of the evening. So, on more than one occasion the bar kiosks have been out of the cheese plates. It really frosts Jackie….and if Jackie is frosted, I am frosted with her! I mean really, why have it on the menu if you don’t have it available. In order to fast forward, I will just say that we have had more than one animated conversation about it AND have spoken our minds to the wait staff (and do they really care what we think?). So after visiting two different bars at the Long Center, we finally found one with the cheese plates. We wolfed them down because we were running late and the show was about to start. We had completely missed the preshow out on the terrace in our quest for our cheese plates! We are like country mice in the city!!! The ballet was AWESOME—we agree that this untitled.jpg might have been our all time favorite show–the choreography and the costumes and the history. Wow. We were satiated with culture and cheese. A few days later I received a SURVEY from the Long Center…..oh brother, they should never send me a survey. I wrote a brief return. The ballet was beautiful. However, the cheese plate issue is getting completely out of hand—and I proceed to let ‘er rip! Not 10 minutes later I get the NICEST (and I am sure written by a 20 year old Public Relations genius) who said that, of course, this was deeply concerning and would be forwarded on to catering because, she, the writer, knew exactly what I meant about the deeeeeelicious cheese plates and in another sentence, described them as fabulous. Sure. I am betting they marked our future tickets so we will be sitting in the rafters from now on. But here is the great part. I immediately called Jackie and forwarded the email. We howled. I mean it, a chance to make heads roll! And we surely will be looking for improvement or we will pursue this cheese plate matter to the highest authority. King Rat? Jackie and I can have the most significant, full-throttle belly laughs. Speaking strictly for me, although I suspect the same for Jackie, our laughs often bring tears and other body liquids! It is so fabulous to laugh that hard. If I have a massive stroke and fall over dead, I hope it is either in the throws of a full-fledged belly laugh or while I am doing a mean go-go dance on a table top. Both seem like good ways to go.

I am going to close this although I have more to write. I am currently in the ultra fancy Lexus lobby where they serve free Starbucks and probably CHEESE PLATES!



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