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I Love the BeeGees

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I am going to have to find out if any of the BeeGees are still alive. As I am writing this , my iPad is using Bluetooth to


stream the BGs right into my hearing aids. That is pretty damned grim. So moving along with the moment…I think of the great times dancing to their songs…right after I married and probably under a big sparkly disco ball. Is that possible? I still think of them as popular artists and two out of the three are DEAD. Only Barry is alive and well living in Florida with a wife and 5 kids. He is not the hunka-hunka my burnin’ love that I once swooned over. This is life.

I also love Ilios yogurt butter. Tastes exactly like butter with 30% fewer calories and 1 gram of protein. I am a near maniac over butter so this could be what I consider a health food.

Thanksgiving is over….a year ago I was in the throws of chemo and weeeeeeeepy. Not this year. I thank Tina, the RN in the chemo center who talked to Dr. R about it….He put me on a serotonin uptake inhibitor or something like that. That dried me up…I have felt just fine ever since but now I think it is time to drop with the uptakes….so I am seeing my primary care doctor Monday to review medications and hopefully drop that.


Back to Thanksgiving. So last year I was so weepy I had to bale out of Thanksgiving dinner at the Lawsons…I am still mad at myself for that. I am simply not a holiday lover. I am often grouchy with my ears laid back. Not this year though. It was very simple and downright pleasant. Billy, prince of a brother, brought Mom and Baby David up for dinner. They were here 3 hours. During that time, Billy installed smoke alarms for us and gave Len maintenance advice. I know that both Billy and David were very pleased to come and have the quick meal and back to SAT with Grandma in tow. Mom did fairly well. She is just disappearing. Because she can’t hear she often starts talking while others are mid conversation but so what? We don’t mind. She sat on the screened in porch and watched me throw the Frisbees to Diego. Every time Diego would run for it, Mom would just laugh…I mean really laugh-belly laugh. She thinks he is like a circus dog! Not so much. But it was wonderful to hear her laugh again. Len took a Maynor family photo…Billy insisted Mom hold a pitchfork—like American Gothic, I guess?


Diego and I took a nice walk this afternoon down to the dry creek—I picked up pecans and enjoyed the brisk wind from the cold front.

I have a hankerin’ for some milk punch although I have never had any before. While Edward was cutting my hair I saw a recipe for it…sounds so yummy that I had to go to Twin Liquors and buy a bottle of Goslings Black Rum. Now it is sheer will power that keeps me for making myself one. I suspect I would like it too much and I would end up drinking two then I would be officially off my diet. In one week I leave for Florida and I am determined to loose 2 more pounds. But, that milk punch sure does sound good on a cold evening. I went to the movie theater in Belton today to see the new 007 movie, Skyfall. They were sold out! So tomorrow I think I will go see either Skyfall or Lincoln. I love to go to movies during the ‘holidays.’


Len and I put down a deposit on a cruise to the Baltics – July 5th for 10 days. I am eager to see Finland, Estonia, Germany, Russia, and Sweden. I also want to rent a cottage in the UK before the cruise…and meet Len in Copenhagen. I want to do the cottage rental again to prove I can still do things on my own. I think it toughens me up. Back to the cruise. x We have taken Jackie’s advice and are cruising on Oceania…we are real innocents about cruise lines. Belinda and a buddy are thinking of coming too. Oh, I hope so. I think it would be much more fun if there was a group. I am also going to beg Carol and Al and all others. A lot can happen before then so we took out the cancel for any reason insurance.

What else? Nothing. Goodnight me. Maybe I need a milk punch night cap!

Yuck. Sixty-six.

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It is a birthday month…I know lots of Scorpios—and we are all very smart and well-adjusted! On Friday, November 9th, Belinda and I went to a B-52 birthday soiree. It was a celebration of a special group of Killeenite women who turned 60 or 60+ this year. It was a beautiful, beautiful party—food and drink all delicious. I really like women parties—I think most women do because it is so much easier. No wondering if the spousal unit (Sally’s clever descriptor), is bored, wants to go home early, or having a heated political exchange! Anyway, it was a great party.


Belinda and I have been talking about going to Bentonville, Arkansas to check out the Crystal Bridges Museum. It was a perfect Birthday outing—so I celebrated my 66th year in Arkansas. We loooooved the museum even though it was pouring. Crystal Bridges was founded by Alice Walton, Sam Walton’s daughter. No kidding this place is a must-see place. The setting is magnificent and the collection is small enough not to overwhelm patrons…and what a collection. I really want to go again. Not only was our visit on my birthday but also was the museum’s first anniversary. Belinda treated me to an exceptional dinner at a lovely restaurant, River Grill. It was just a great little outing. It was about a nine hour drive with stops for Braum’s ice cream, lunch, and gas…so that’s not bad at all. I like road trips–perfect for catching up o

IMG_4632.jpgn conversation and planning trips. IMG_4610.JPG


Len has been really suffering with his back. It is very demoralizing for him to limit golf. He resigned from the club but hopes he will be able to play once a week. He says this is NOT the way he wants to ‘wind down.’ We had our first, hopefully of Len’s spine doctor recommended her for developing core muscles which may reduce his pain. I went too. I was pretty sure Len would appreciate a team approach to this. I know I will benefit if I will just do the exercises. She was very complimentary about my skill so I didn’t think I would be sore…ha. I feel like I have been beaten with a 2”x4”! I really hate floor exercises. Susan said we have to do these exercises EVERY day. So far I haven’t done one set and it is 6 days after our session. I am ashamed. Len has been doing them.

I am at Mom’s. Billy is in the kitchen going through the refrigerator. Mom is eating a muffin. Mom has the TV blaring so that the windows are shaking and I don’t have my hearing aids in or I would probably go mad! Thanksgiving plans—Billy, David, and Mom will come up for the day. I thought David was going to Justin’s for the holiday in Massachusetts so this is a great surprise.

On the 30th I am off to Florida. I will stay a couple of days with Cee on Longboat Key and then on to the Villages with Stephanie and Sarge.

I am vain. I don’t mind at all. It is my hobby. Anyway, I decided to get some juviderm around my mouth. Edward, hairdresser, and knower of all things, sent me to one of his clients, an RN at a plastic surgery center. I had to think on it for many months before I took the plunge. The main thing I wanted was to reduce those lines around my mouth. I did not want Goldie Hahn lips! It was not a big deal—I didn’t bruise or have much swelling. So when I got to Mom’s I wondered what she might say. She didn’t say anything the first day. The next day, I asked her if she noticed. She said, “Well, I think one side of your head is bigger than the other.” I had to laugh. Len didn’t notice at all.

My friend Jo Scherb died last week.

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Jo was my first friend as a married woman in 1971. Jo’s husband, Ernie worked with Len in Hanau, Germany at the 85th Maintenance Battalion. As I recall, Jo was one of the welcome committee that came to our house the night of my arrival. Jo was from Liverpool, England and that was a huge influence on our friendship. Jo was 16 years older so she was not just a friend but also sort of a mother figure for me when I was really homesick –I was so far away from Mom and only three weeks after Len and I got married. Ok. Jo and Ernie had three teenaged boys and a preteen daughter. She used to say that I was so close to her boys’ ages that I could give her a perspective on their thinking. I don’t know. Len and Ernie would play chess a couple of nights a week..and Jo and I would bake up some gooey thing and eat. We walked for exercise and smoked cigarettes most of the time we walked. When we got tired we would sit on the curb and smoke and look in the lighted windows of our neighbors quarters to see who had bought chandeliers from Czechoslovakia and which ones we liked the best. Jo loved to talk about growing up in England…her family…especially her Dad who was a veteran of WWI who was debilitated from mustard gas. She was in awe of her Mom. I would have loved to meet her…lots of stories about her Mom. But what we talked about mostly—is what I call theLadymouse_Potter.jpg Beatrix Potter England. Little mice and fairies living under mushrooms, crystallized violets, scones, clotted cream, thatched cottages, tea sandwiches, gnomes, etc. I had never been to England but I loooooved it. I became an anglophile because of Jo. During the first three years of my marriage Jo was my marriage counselor, mom, and friend. She created my life-long love of England and all things British. We kept up over the years but as friendships often do it was sometimes a year between visits. We went to see Jo and Ernie in Arizona and Washington. They came to see us in Texas. Jo fought seven unrelated kinds of cancer and had a stroke. I talked to her about six months ago. The other day I was thinking about her but it was too early to call so I sent an email to Ernie to give her. I started with “I love Jo Scherb.” He wrote me back that she was receiving home hospice care suffering from throat and lung cancer. I spoke with their daughter, Jennifer, while she was visiting her Mom from Arizona. Jennifer sent me a photo of her Mom the day before she died. Although Jo had a smile on her face it isn’t the Jo I want to remember. Ernie sent me the newspaper ‘death notice’ but it really doesn’t tell much more than her date of birth and date of death. BUT, it had a grand photo of her from a time when we all needed each other in the early Germany years. I am going to try to get it and put it in here. It may be a while. I love Jo Scherb. Thank you Jo for making my journey rich. I want you to be in the part of heaven where there are lots of green forests, rolling hills, and maybe some elves.

Back Trackin’

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I am so whipped….I have had these photos ready to put in my journal but just haven’t had the umphh to write in my journal…so I am giving myself permission not to feel so obligated to write…I can just put the pictures in and feel good about that. I am in kind of a slump…I can’t get pumped up about much of anything so it is just a matter of time before I get wound up over something. I want to exercise but I feel like I don’t have time to exercise….that is so ridiculous. I am inclined to be overwhelmed and that just has to stop.


So here are the photos from about a week and a half ago. Mother’s best friend and business partner, Betty had a baby shower for her granddaughter. Mom did not want to go because she thought she would be uncomfortable and since she can’t hear she also thought she would be a hindrance. Betty had invited a lot of former Normandy Terrace employees who worked for Mom and Betty. So in the end Mom decided to go…we went through her closet to see what she wanted to wear. Of course, I was expected to do her hair. Once we were there it was just fabulous to see Mom with her old friends. They love her so much and treat her with absolute reverence. It made me very happy for her. Affirmation is always good. From left to right behind Mom, Mary Ann, Lynn, Genevieve, and Jan.


Last Friday, Becky and Bob had happy hour at their house. It was good to IMG_4572.jpg have us all together…even though Susan and Bill are in Pennsylvania…we all have our greenbracelets on in support of Joann for her fight against cancer. Susan and Bill sent their photo so we could all be together in spirit. I wore my new 5″ heels…between the shoes and Len’s stenosis of the spine, I look like a giant but thinner than I really am!


Saturday, Peggy, Becky and I went to the Methodist Ladies’ Luncheon here in Salado.

IMG_4582.jpgI won $50.00 door prize and Becky won $100.00. Nice! I knew Iwas going to win a door prize. Before I left the house, as I rushed around, I decided to fill out the door prize forms…and since I was short on time, I used old mailing labels….they read Dr. Catherine S. Krals. I never, ever use my academic title and I knew if I won they would say Dr. Catherine S. Krals and I would be mortified that other luncheon guests would think, “How prissy!” or “Surely, she’s not a doctor.” But I peeled them off so I could be on my way. AND of course, I won. I went immediately from the luncheon to shops on Salado’s Main Street. That money was burnin’ a hole in my pocket. Very funny, John Hoover, told Jackie to tell me via text, that I ‘should’ give the cash back as it was church sponsored. I affectionately retorted. He responded that it was really ok and if asked I should say the money was going straight into the Susan Krals Closet Foundation! I think that is hilarious.

Len and I went to see Flight yesterday. Holy cow, it was intense. I hope I forget about it before I go to Florida at the end of the month. I don’t need to think about pilots drinking and doing drugs! I am betting Danzel Washington will win an Oscar.

Today I made pumpkin bread pudding with apple caramel sauce for Mah Jongg. It was well-received so I am thinking I will make it for Thanksgiving. Mom and Billy are coming. Actually, I told Len that I have to lose 6 pounds before I go to Florida on the 30th of this month. In order to do this, I am going on the Special K cereal diet…which means we will be eating Special K with Red Berries for Thanksgiving dinner. He thought that was pretty darned funny. So far I have had one healthy serving of Special K served with 1 1/2 cup of heavy cream left over from the pumpkin bread pudding. I may have to cut back and use half and half instead!

I am so eager to have this entry complete that I won’t edit again. I am doing that more and more…then when I read the previous entries I am horrified. Oh well. I am lazy.