Yuck. Sixty-six.


It is a birthday month…I know lots of Scorpios—and we are all very smart and well-adjusted! On Friday, November 9th, Belinda and I went to a B-52 birthday soiree. It was a celebration of a special group of Killeenite women who turned 60 or 60+ this year. It was a beautiful, beautiful party—food and drink all delicious. I really like women parties—I think most women do because it is so much easier. No wondering if the spousal unit (Sally’s clever descriptor), is bored, wants to go home early, or having a heated political exchange! Anyway, it was a great party.


Belinda and I have been talking about going to Bentonville, Arkansas to check out the Crystal Bridges Museum. It was a perfect Birthday outing—so I celebrated my 66th year in Arkansas. We loooooved the museum even though it was pouring. Crystal Bridges was founded by Alice Walton, Sam Walton’s daughter. No kidding this place is a must-see place. The setting is magnificent and the collection is small enough not to overwhelm patrons…and what a collection. I really want to go again. Not only was our visit on my birthday but also was the museum’s first anniversary. Belinda treated me to an exceptional dinner at a lovely restaurant, River Grill. It was just a great little outing. It was about a nine hour drive with stops for Braum’s ice cream, lunch, and gas…so that’s not bad at all. I like road trips–perfect for catching up o

IMG_4632.jpgn conversation and planning trips. IMG_4610.JPG


Len has been really suffering with his back. It is very demoralizing for him to limit golf. He resigned from the club but hopes he will be able to play once a week. He says this is NOT the way he wants to ‘wind down.’ We had our first, hopefully of Len’s spine doctor recommended her for developing core muscles which may reduce his pain. I went too. I was pretty sure Len would appreciate a team approach to this. I know I will benefit if I will just do the exercises. She was very complimentary about my skill so I didn’t think I would be sore…ha. I feel like I have been beaten with a 2”x4”! I really hate floor exercises. Susan said we have to do these exercises EVERY day. So far I haven’t done one set and it is 6 days after our session. I am ashamed. Len has been doing them.

I am at Mom’s. Billy is in the kitchen going through the refrigerator. Mom is eating a muffin. Mom has the TV blaring so that the windows are shaking and I don’t have my hearing aids in or I would probably go mad! Thanksgiving plans—Billy, David, and Mom will come up for the day. I thought David was going to Justin’s for the holiday in Massachusetts so this is a great surprise.

On the 30th I am off to Florida. I will stay a couple of days with Cee on Longboat Key and then on to the Villages with Stephanie and Sarge.

I am vain. I don’t mind at all. It is my hobby. Anyway, I decided to get some juviderm around my mouth. Edward, hairdresser, and knower of all things, sent me to one of his clients, an RN at a plastic surgery center. I had to think on it for many months before I took the plunge. The main thing I wanted was to reduce those lines around my mouth. I did not want Goldie Hahn lips! It was not a big deal—I didn’t bruise or have much swelling. So when I got to Mom’s I wondered what she might say. She didn’t say anything the first day. The next day, I asked her if she noticed. She said, “Well, I think one side of your head is bigger than the other.” I had to laugh. Len didn’t notice at all.


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