I Love the BeeGees

I am going to have to find out if any of the BeeGees are still alive. As I am writing this , my iPad is using Bluetooth to


stream the BGs right into my hearing aids. That is pretty damned grim. So moving along with the moment…I think of the great times dancing to their songs…right after I married and probably under a big sparkly disco ball. Is that possible? I still think of them as popular artists and two out of the three are DEAD. Only Barry is alive and well living in Florida with a wife and 5 kids. He is not the hunka-hunka my burnin’ love that I once swooned over. This is life.

I also love Ilios yogurt butter. Tastes exactly like butter with 30% fewer calories and 1 gram of protein. I am a near maniac over butter so this could be what I consider a health food.

Thanksgiving is over….a year ago I was in the throws of chemo and weeeeeeeepy. Not this year. I thank Tina, the RN in the chemo center who talked to Dr. R about it….He put me on a serotonin uptake inhibitor or something like that. That dried me up…I have felt just fine ever since but now I think it is time to drop with the uptakes….so I am seeing my primary care doctor Monday to review medications and hopefully drop that.


Back to Thanksgiving. So last year I was so weepy I had to bale out of Thanksgiving dinner at the Lawsons…I am still mad at myself for that. I am simply not a holiday lover. I am often grouchy with my ears laid back. Not this year though. It was very simple and downright pleasant. Billy, prince of a brother, brought Mom and Baby David up for dinner. They were here 3 hours. During that time, Billy installed smoke alarms for us and gave Len maintenance advice. I know that both Billy and David were very pleased to come and have the quick meal and back to SAT with Grandma in tow. Mom did fairly well. She is just disappearing. Because she can’t hear she often starts talking while others are mid conversation but so what? We don’t mind. She sat on the screened in porch and watched me throw the Frisbees to Diego. Every time Diego would run for it, Mom would just laugh…I mean really laugh-belly laugh. She thinks he is like a circus dog! Not so much. But it was wonderful to hear her laugh again. Len took a Maynor family photo…Billy insisted Mom hold a pitchfork—like American Gothic, I guess?


Diego and I took a nice walk this afternoon down to the dry creek—I picked up pecans and enjoyed the brisk wind from the cold front.

I have a hankerin’ for some milk punch although I have never had any before. While Edward was cutting my hair I saw a recipe for it…sounds so yummy that I had to go to Twin Liquors and buy a bottle of Goslings Black Rum. Now it is sheer will power that keeps me for making myself one. I suspect I would like it too much and I would end up drinking two then I would be officially off my diet. In one week I leave for Florida and I am determined to loose 2 more pounds. But, that milk punch sure does sound good on a cold evening. I went to the movie theater in Belton today to see the new 007 movie, Skyfall. They were sold out! So tomorrow I think I will go see either Skyfall or Lincoln. I love to go to movies during the ‘holidays.’


Len and I put down a deposit on a cruise to the Baltics – July 5th for 10 days. I am eager to see Finland, Estonia, Germany, Russia, and Sweden. I also want to rent a cottage in the UK before the cruise…and meet Len in Copenhagen. I want to do the cottage rental again to prove I can still do things on my own. I think it toughens me up. Back to the cruise. x We have taken Jackie’s advice and are cruising on Oceania…we are real innocents about cruise lines. Belinda and a buddy are thinking of coming too. Oh, I hope so. I think it would be much more fun if there was a group. I am also going to beg Carol and Al and all others. A lot can happen before then so we took out the cancel for any reason insurance.

What else? Nothing. Goodnight me. Maybe I need a milk punch night cap!


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