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New Years Day 2013

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IMG_5112.JPG OK, let the good times roll!

At Mom’s, Twelve Hours of Sleep, a Home Ec Dream

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Twelve hours of sleep and I reallllly don’t think I am depressed! It is a return to my youth. So, I went to bed at 9:30 and woke up at 10:30 this morning….but I did spend an hour last night re-reading my journal. Some of my life is darned interesting and the biggest part is incredibly commonplace. Foy told me once that if I were mugged and beaten nearly senseless, I would just see it as a really good story. I like that, actually.IMG_5056.JPG  

Ok, so while sleeping twelve lovely hours, I had a revealing dream. It was once again about Home Ec. Before I continue, I have to ask myself, do history majors dream of Waterloo, math majors dream of fractals in chaos, German IMG_5068.JPG majors dream of the dative case, or agriculture majors dream of beneficial nematodes? Actually, there was an article in my favorite newspaper, the San Antonio Express about a tomato tiff between Mexico and Florida. So, maybe that is a nightmare for Ag folks. I dream of Home Ec a lot. Last night I dreamed I was in some kind of professional development learning about goals, essential elements, and the like for curriculum writing. I was sitting next to a glass door with brilliant light shining in….ok I end sentences with prepositions. Shoot me. So, in the dream, I am talking to someone about these goals for our curriculum. I told her, a real do-gooder, that I hated goals. End of dream. For the record, I used to be a card-carryin’ maniac about goals and essential elements. I could whip ‘em out quicker than you can say John Henry. Guess, that’s behind me.


Diego de Diablo update: Yesterday Len insisted Diego be brought in and spend some warm time in his crate because it was below freezing. I agreed that we don’t want the little man to be cold. BUT, when released to the outdoors, he went bonkers. In minutes, he chewed up two freeze covers, a plant, the trash bag that he pulled from the garbage can, and a cardboard box. Lesson learned: Diego needs lots of activity. Usually about 30 minutes of serious fetch, wears him down for about an hour. We can’t move into a condo.


I am thinking about East Wood Country Club, free fall thinkin’, and my- life-long fear of becoming a Moonie. In order of thinking:East Wood Country Club was a ‘night club’ on the east side of San Antonio popular among my group in the 1960s. It was actually opened in the mid 50s. In recent reading I have learned that it was on the ‘Chittlin’ Circuit.’ Here is what I remember—we thought we were wiiiiiiiiild for being there. We never encountered one bit of trouble—even though we were squirrely white-not-old-enough-to drink kids. We loved to dance there. The guitarist, Curley Mays played the guitar with his toes among other things. Miss Wiggles was a contortionist dancer who danced until she was in her 60s. We just loved that place. If there were racial problems elsewhere, all was well at Eastwood. My parents would have beaten (not really) and berated me if they had known I was there. ‘Don’t tell’ was my motto.

I have written before about ‘free-fall thinking.’ This is the term I have coined that describes what goes on in my head prior to drifting off to sleep or during a massage, moments before I fall into a drooling, snoring sleep. This kind of IMG_4872.JPG thinking has no theme or structure. For example, I know that I am fully aware or thinking of Grandma’s kitchen—the pock marked tin counter tops, the stinky sulphur laden water from the faucet, and the step down from the dining room and another from the kitchen to another room that probably was a porch once. It had the goodies in it. Lots of windows which accounted for the potted plants, a wringer washing machine and this awesome glass-doored cabinet where the treasures were kept. That was my thinking anyway. It held the bounty Grandmas didn’t want broken….at least one or maybe 20 glass chicken boxes. I can’t see one without thinkin’ of my Grandma’s kitchen. She also had an Electrolux gas operated refrigerator. Ok, I have gone off my track. With free-fall thinkin’ you get this whole idea as a whosh, then you are onto something totally different, maybe trying on hats in England, or whosh again and you are in Grandma’s bedroom where over the bed hung a large photograph of Baby Ellen, the Dead Baby, which is how the tribe of girl cousins used to refer to her. Frankly, I love free fall thinkin’ it is never unpleasant and very fluid and seamless. Very nice. It is not dreaming; it is series of unrelated, unedited movie clips from my past.

On the fear of becoming a Moonie. I don’t know exactly where it started but I have always resisted formal religion…being Episcopalian doesn’t count…just one notch below formal Catholicism. Anyway, maybe it is because I am so uncomfortable around zealots…religious or political. I have this predisposition to be full-throttle about things….so I lie to myself about being moderate. Jackie says I am a zealot moderate, I think she calls it. So, it stands to reason that if I became religious or political, I would be obnoxious about it and probably not too well-informed but certainly dramatic. And certainly an outfit and hat would be required. So, I have spent some time edging away from such things. One time we invited our brand new, youngish priest and his wife over for a visit. In fact, I think we were amongst the first parishners to open our home to them. I was an ass. Or is it, I am an ass? At any rate, I had maybe too many glasses of wine and in giving them my perspective on church and religion, I told them I always feared being a Moonie. OMG, I can remember the expression on their faces. It was that closed expression look. Len and I chuckle over this somewhat uncomfortably now. I never could get in the groove with that priest and he was verrrrrrry nice. Like St. Augustine, I think ?, I continue to walk around with a hole in my heart longing for ‘It’ but fearing a life in airports as a Moonie.

Yes! This is Exciting Now that I haven’t Started It.

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This is a cool jigsaw puzzle that I ordered from Soft Surroundings. It is a map of our house in the middle and I thought it had street names for Mill Creek but it appears to be a topographical map with just some big Farm to Markets, highways, and lots of creeks!


This is the Way I Remember Jay and Dan

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Jay is looking so cavalier and Dan so very patient. I love this picture so much. Jay and Dan.jpeg

A Divine Christmas Day

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I am in the bedroom, sitting up in bed, listening to my favorite Zenesque music, and writing in my journal. Chances are a nap is in my immediate future. Billy and David left about 5:30 yesterday with all the leftovers I could pack for them. I still have enough soup to feed a Division at Ft. Hood. Most of it is in the freezer for Mom. We slept in today and have had no agenda. Mom and I dressed up and made up for some reason. Probably because we like looking our best even if it is just for us. Len has been struck down with a cold or, I hope not, the flu. He is principled about flu shots…which means he thinks the flu vaccine makes him sick. I have led the discussion on live and dead viruses to no avail. I hope it is a cold. Becky was sick for two weeks with something nasty. I won’t think of it. So, he has been in his chair, covered with the best-ever throws, sleeping soundly. Here is how I know he is sick. He takes my advice about Alka Seltzer and Emergen-C. IMG_4967.JPG

I walked Diego around the property a couple of times in my shirt sleeves. The sun was shining and some wind…that was before the ‘front’ hit. Now it is 39F and the wind is blowing 35 mph! This calls for tea and napping. Mom is in my den, a nice fire roaring, with the Nix and Lakers on TV… but she is riveted to the 9 photo albums I pulled out for her. She hasn’t seen these photos in years. They are from our travels together, travel with Len, travel with chums, old extended family, pets, etc. She is in heaven.

We took a break earlier for tamales, soup, and risotto. Mom is still Mom. She said, “Honey, did you make this? It is so good.” I didn’t take any credit for the tamales but the risotto got me some points. While I was scurrying around the kitchen, Mom was seated at the island not saying anything. Then she said, “You remind me of Momma. She could never sit still and she always had some project going on.” I took this as a great compliment.

I am thinking of friends gone: Pam, Jay and Day, Mattie Lee and Jim, Daddy, Rita, June and Leo, Jo Scherb,–the list is too long. It is very quiet. I am at peace today.

IMG_5019.jpg IMG_5025.jpg

In Review: Spurs vs. Celtics, Birthday Club Brunch, Christmas Eve Plans, Visit with Marsha, and Santa in the Chemo Center

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Here is why I love my journal. I get to rethink my weeks. I need that now. Isn’t it odd, how days are kinda blurry?IMG_5009.jpg Some of the photos I am putting in tonight have no meaning. I just like them.

Thoughts: I like to see Christmas Trees in a mirror. It is like Double the Flavor; Double the Fun. I also really like looking at the tree without my glasses or contacts. It is so beautifully blurry. So far, the critters have shown little interest in the tree even though it rotates. Diego is much more interesting in capturing one of Mickey’s catnip mice and squiring it away in his crate. And he doesn’t chew them up. He just likes having them.

I haven’t done a holiday letter in 2 years because of doing cancer and I think we are pretty boring. Now I am thinking I should do one. So should I add the photo of Len gazing into the new washing machine with the wonder of a child in front of Santa? Or perhaps some photos of me when I was bald? I think I will work on it while I am in San Antonio this next week. Yes, I think I will do a page of photos using the Comics software and a reallllly brief letter.


Ok, here is the plan. Billy, David, and Mom will be here tomorrow midday, Christmas Eve. We

IMG_4986.JPGwill have soup and paninis…very unChristmas like but that is what I feel like doing. I think Billy and David will go back to San Antonio by 5 and I think Mom will stay here a night or so then I will take her home and stay a few days. Billy and David are planning a trip to Las Vegas…something I think David is interested in doing more than Billy. I also think this is a real tough time for Billy. The impending divorce, David going into his senior year and doing only so-so with his grades, and Mom. It is a lot on his mind. Anyway, I will stay with Mom while they are gone. I feel very awkward about not having any contact with Mary. Divorce is never easy for anyone involved.

One year ago today I had my last chemo. What a ride! About two weeks ago my hair went straight! Yesterday Edward cut my hair as I requested in sort of a Judy Dench cut. It doesn’t look as good as it did before the cut but it will grow and grows actually very fast. I am on Edward’s cancelation list for color…I think I want to be red again.

Len and I went to see the Spurs and the Celtics play in SAT. I couldn’t put my finger on what I like most about going. It IMG_4914.JPG IMG_4915.jpg would have to be the people. Len and I are hardly (as in never) out at night so it is like we are just awed at everything. I love to see the young chickies and studs, dressed to the nines or what is considered to the nines in today’s style. I am really amazed at all the boob jobs. All ages boobs high. I should be inspired.

Precious friend, Marsha has been in the area caring for her Dad. There was a plan to get together with her chums but her Dad’s condition made that impossible. But, lucky for me, I was able to meet her in Georgetown for a quick lunch on Friday. I do have great friend karma. I wonder if everyone can say that? All my friends are amazingly interesting, good looking, funny, and in some way or another iconoclastic. I am really glad it worked out to have her all to myself for a couple of hours.

Hmmmmm. What? Blessed news. Joann went in for check on her gall bladder cancer. Amazingly, yes, miraculously, the tumor is down to nothing and some score had dropped dramatically. Chemo, mean as it is, has made a difference. She will go back to MD Anderson to see what happens next.

Len and I have had a lot of fun thinking about taking up hip hop dancing. Len says we will have to take naps in the afternoon since you don’t go clubbing until about 10 or 11 at night. Oh right on that.

This last Wednesday I had the Birthday Club over here for the December birthdays–a brunch. Very pleasant. Mimosas were tasty…Babs came as my guest and as usual ended up helping me implement. She continues to be my grounding rod.IMG_4958.jpg This is Penny–she says I am her cancer mentor….She is just about finished with her radiation and her hair is coming back! Santa came to the Infusion Center last week. What with the blue glove it looks like I am about to give Santa an exam!! I call this Santa Claus and Santa Krals.

IMG_4955.jpg IMG_4949.jpg

Whew Maybe.

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OK, so I looked at the published entries and it appears that the commercials only show up on my end. Whew. If I am going to have a commercial it isn’t going to be Toyota, although I do think they make good cars.

OK, I am FWEAKING OUT. How Is It That I Have Commercials at the End of my Journal Entries? Anna, HELP!!!!

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I swear I do not add these commercials. What does is it mean? If I am going to have commercials, I want to pick them. I might want travel commercials for nudist camps, or fat farms, or bar tending schools! IMG_4601.JPG

Book Club Christmas 2012

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We love each other, I think! We get in little tight lipped conversations now and then but it doesn’t seem to mean much.

I love the photo of Griffin, Karin’s neighbor’s dog that lives with Karin and Joe! He had on very clever red and white leggings and that added to his under bite–well, he is just too cute. Missing from photos are Karin K and Maurine N.

IMG_4895.JPG IMG_4900.JPG IMG_4896.JPG IMG_4897.jpg

Books for this year:

Cocktails Under the Tree of Forgetfulness, Corduroy Mansions, Destiny of a Republic, Remember Ben Clayton, Defending Jacob, The Forgotten Garden, Gone Girl, Rules of Civility, Mission to Paris, A Walk Across the Sun, and The Summer of the Bear.

Books recommended but not selected:

A Mountain of Crumbs, The Virgin Cure, The Time in Between, The Light Between Oceans, and The Beautiful Mystery.

Ooops, I Forgot to Include the USA Article about Chemo

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